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Dancing is Not a Crime... Free Andrea Kopp Now!

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On Sept. 24, UCSC student Andrea Kopp was pulled out of a group of peaceful anti-war marchers and immediately arrested by S.F. Police. Kopp, who at the time of his arrest was merely dancing with friends near the rally at Jefferson Park, has been sitting in jail since Saturday afternoon. While guilty of no crime, his bail has been set at $5,000.

Kopp’s arrest came early-on in a day when S.F. Police encircled, detained, and arrested a young group of anti-war marchers as they crossed a street. Due to the color of their clothes (black) the group had been closely followed the entire day. Hundreds of police in riot gear blocked off the street for a long period of time as they pleased themselves in the arrest of the handful of kids, many of which weren’t even old enough to drive. As they walked back to their buses, the cops high-fived each other and said, “we got ‘em.? Most members of the group were released that night with charges such as jaywalking.

While Kopp's case is completely separate from the above incident, he was arrested for a similar reason: standing out in a crowd. Tonight he sits in jail - lonely after being placed in a separate cell. He's been charged on bogus claims and his bail has been set at $5,000. He will be arraigned Monday morning at 9am - Department 17 - 850 Bryant St, San Francisco. If you can make it, we're sure he'd love more supporters. Either way, call and tell the D.A's office to free Kopp so he can go back to school.

a commenter writes: Thank you to everyone who called the San Francisco District Attorney's office this morning urging them to drop the bogus charges against UCSC student Andrea Kopp. At around 9am today, the D.A. dropped all charges against Kopp! He will be back in school tomorrow. A conversation with Kopp's legal council suggested there was a complete void of any sort of incriminating evidence.


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