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New, taller La Bahia conference hotel proposed

Get educated about these new plans to replace the historic La Bahia. Attend city council meeting and MAKE COMMENTS, or tune in to Community TV channel 25, 11.15.05, 7pm, and email council with comments.

This project went under the community's "radar" the first time, prior to when the Coast Hotel project became known, when plans were approved for a boutique hotel preserving much of the historic La Bahia. Now, following the collapse of the fast-tracked Coast Conference Hotel project, Barry Swenson Builders and Mr. Canfield want to build a bigger hotel (an investiminium) with conference center at the site, and recently compared it to being "the" conference hotel intended for the beachfront area so it can be no less than 120 rooms (and therefore 5 to 7 stories)! These proposed new plans are going before the city council tomorrow. Its very important that the greater community get to weigh in on the fact that these builders now want to exceed zoning height regulations by 2 to 4 stories on our environmentally sensitive beachfront, along with other environmental impacts, and the public deserves better notice and coverage about the project in order to do so.

a commenter writes: "Santa Cruz needs to stop the knee-jerk RE-activism against all new construction and start embracing responsible Smart Building designs like this one. These projects which RESPONSIBLE architects are offering to us, are designed using the very best of cutting-edge green building design and could help lead the way to a sustainable future and Santa Cruz would be the perfect flagship community for this with its established tradition of environmental stewardship."


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