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FRSC: The Day of the Bat 2005

On September 12th 2005 The California Bat Conservation Fund held The Day of the Bat at the Louden Nelson Center an informational event disspelling the myths of Earth's most unusual benifical mammal.

Each year, the California Bat Conservation Fund visits hundreds of schools, libraries, museums, and community centers to teach approximately 40,000 children, and their teachers and care givers, the truth about bats and their benefits to the human population. The Presentation consisted of a short lecture, accompanied by a slide show. Best of all, the Fund's educators are accompanied by a variety of live bats that can be seen and enjoyed up close. The four hour event was a hit with kids and adults alike opening the eyes and minds creating respect and educating people about this trully incredible and most needed animal.

I spoke with Melinda Alvarado of the San Luis Obisbo CBCF as she showed a Mexican Free tail Bat named Robert.

Audio: Download the mp3 (9:52 minutes / 9.1 MB)

[ Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz County || California Bat Conservation Fund || Bat Conservation International ]


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