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Last Night Critical Needs

There is a lot that still needs to be done for the Last Night Santa Cruz DIY Parade and Celebration. A quick list of critical Last Night needs:

1) Art & Revolution's Giant Puppets needs fifteen people to operate them. 2) The Trash Orchestra has more instruments than people to play them. We need ten more trash orchestra players (no previous percussion marching band experience necessary). 3) We need your help along with a half dozen people making Last Night banners. 4) We need a dozen people in the parade's Sweeping Tail to clean up after the parade. 5) We need two experienced people to serve as police liaison. 6) We need an experienced group for safety and security. 7) We need lawyers and legal support. 8) If you are an experienced videographer, we need you to document the parade. 9) We need still photographers to document the parade.

Check out this list of 7 ways you can get involved.

What Is This?

As opposed to the city sponsored First Night, Last Night is a decentralized, collective, spontaneous, open, public New Year's Eve celebration.

DIY stands for do-it-yourself. And that is what we are doing. A little bit of planning, a little bit of work, some getting together. This is our celebration that you and I make happen. This is not a paid gig, not something organized or well-planned. It's a people's event. We are doing this just for the love of it.

The latin root of the word amateur means to love (as in te amo or mi amor). So an amateur is one who does something for the love of it. And in that sense, we are all amateurs here. Let downtown be filled with music and dancing as we ring in the new year!

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