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The Great Global Assembly Line: film shoot for Planet USA

Downtown Santa Cruz was used to illustrate global economics in a satirical scene for the upcoming film "Planet USA." Fat cats and corporate swine moved sweatshop operations from Mexico to China, pursuing profits, assisted by Profit Man and Greed Girl and American military.

Large wads of oversized $100 bills sprinkled the streets of Santa Cruz on Saturday, March 6th, as corporate pigs celebrated their profits. With a curious public audience looking on, an independent film crew converged on downtown Santa Cruz to film the latest installment in the docudrama Planet USA. Part satirical theatre, part educational film, Planet USA examines the disastrous global effects of current American economic, cultural, and military imperialism.

Filming on the Planet USA project began July, 2003 when Director/Producer Marlene Winell organized 50 activists who participated in the Redwood City July 4th parade, the largest in Northern California. Under the auspices of "celebrating American contributions to world culture," the group utilized humor, satire and street theater in creating a float to "celebrate" Americas military, economic, and cultural domination around the globe.

Video: Download the Trailer of Planet USA


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