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UCSC "SlugStock" Campus Earth Festival

The Campus Earth Festival will take place on Saturday, April 24, at 12:00 PM at UCSC's College 8 Plaza. The Festival is a combination of a bonanza music festival, a celebration of the local environmental movement, and an opportunity for the entire community to unite toward the wider purpose of sustainability.

The UCSC Student Environmental Center (SEC) is partnering with College 8 to coordinate the largest Earth Day celebration in campus history (2002 Festival). The "SlugStock" Campus Earth Festival, organized in the spirit of community, will feature the live music of five accomplished bands, who will join students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members in celebration of the university's pioneering sustainability movement.

RadioActive from Spearhead, one of the Bay Area's most popular and socially-conscious musical powerhouses, headlines a diverse line-up of popular artists. Also performing will be San Francisco-based indie pop rockers the Botticellis, Latin hip-hop troupe East L.A. Sabor Factory, Santa Cruz psychedelic rock group illumination, and UCSC "homegrown" Still Searchin'.

Keynote speaker Ocean Robbins, a Santa Cruz native and internationally acclaimed environmental activist, will deliver an address titled "When Hope Takes a Stand," a clarion call to people both young and old to embrace their particular vision for a better world.


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