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OPEN LETTERS TO OAKLAND "ANTI-SEMITISM" CONFERENCE! - by Jeffrey Blankfort; & Jim Harris108/21/04Rochel Auerbach
Sam Farr's Open Record208/21/04Steve Argue
Request for Info on SCPD Community Service Officer Pam Bachtel108/21/04Robert Norse
The Truth about Arab Refugees in 1948408/21/04MK
Pictures From the Town Clock Pro-Gay Marriage Demo108/21/04Anonymous Poster
Same-Sex Marriage Ruling - Town Clock 6pm 8/12108/21/04Paul Marcelin-Sampson
Brian Avery of the International Solidarity Movement to Speak in Santa Cruz208/21/04SnKnB
3 Israelis wounded in Palestinian terror attack608/21/04you are an idiot, Becky is a racist
Risking Mistakes Is What Writing Is All About208/20/04Hermes
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