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Make Three Calls To Help Stop Drug Prohibition

MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROHIBITION and the Drug War aren't just a federal and state human rights violations...
Both are Local Practice IN SANTA CRUZ !

Make THREE Phone Calls

*** Support Lisa Molyneux's Greenways medical marijuana club application (the first in Santa Cruz since 2000) where low-income patients will have regular access to medication for the first time locally: the Planning Commission 7 PM at City Hall on July 21st 420-5100 Santa Cruz City Council at City Hall on July 26st 420-5020

***Call the County Board of Supervisors to call for an amnesty for all marijuana prisoners and a “tax & regulate� marijuana law. 454-2200

***Call Mayor Rotkin to ask for immediate reform of the City's medical marijuana law, whose zoning, special use permit, & other restrictions severely burden potential marijuana providers. 420-5023

***Call D.A. Bob Lee and ask him to release local Drug War data, document his promised de-escalation of the Drug War and reexamine Drug War prosecutions entirely. 454-2400

***Support a local Oakland-style Measure Z initiative to "tax and regulate" all marijuana. For more information and to help organize 466-0420

***Encourage the local American Civil Liberties Union’s Drug Law Reform Project to focus on local abuses & pressure local politicians 471-9000

***Call Santa Cruz County Sheriff Steve Robbins to suspend prosecution of grass users and growers, to stop applying for Drug War funds, and to stop recent racist raids (“Mexican Drug Gang farmers�)

***Call WAMM to support their local fight for patients' rights. 423-5413

***Call Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom [HUFF] to help with HUFF-n-PUFF street distribution and local law reform project. 423-4833

Flier by HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 309 Cedar PMB 14B S.C. 831-423-4833 7-18-05

More info:

Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Free Radio Santa Cruz shows archived at

HUFF meets Wednesdays 8:30 AM at the American Cafe in the basement of the County Building 701 Ocean St.

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