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The process of posting your article to Santa Cruz Indymedia is very simple. You will fill in a small amount of information about the article. Next, you will enter a brief summary of your article. Lastly, you will enter the body of your article in either plain text, pseudo-HTML, or HTML. You can optionally include one or more multi-media files such as pictures, audio or video.

Don't worry! After posting an article or two you will get the hang of it. If you need more help, send an e-mail to scimc (at) and a volunteer will help you.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of the publishing page process.

-Are you including multi-media files such as pictures, audio, video, pdf's or any other supported files?
- Enter the number of files you want to send along with your article in the white box.
- Click the update button. This will format the page so you can upload the files. (see Step 4)
NO: You don't need to anything with this field.


-(REQUIRED) SECTION: Choose either News, Commentary, Announcement, Review, or Interview

Check the box if your article is local to the Monterey Bay Area. To make this as clear as possible for all of us, SC-IMCs volunteers will consider posts from Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties as, "Local to the Monterey Bay Area."

-(REQUIRED) CATEGORY: Choose on up to three (3) categories. You should hold down the Control [ctrl] key while clicking to select multiple categories. To help other people make use of your article do not select more categories than are necessary.

-(REQUIRED) LANGUAGE: Select the language of the article from the pull-down box. English is selected by default.

-(REQUIRED) AUTHOR: Enter a name for the author. This can be anonymous or made up.

-(REQUIRED) TITLE: Enter a title that is clear and descriptive. This title will appear on the newswire as the title of the article. If your article is featured, this is most likely what it will be called also. Choose wisely.

-(REQUIRED) TEXT FORMAT: Select the format of the article from the pull-down box. Pseudo-HTML allows for a mix of plain text and HTML (but only bold, italic, and link tags). If you are not sure, leave this field as pseudo-HTML.

-(REQUIRED) SUMMARY: Enter a short summary of your article. Sometimes the first paragraph of your article will work well here.

-(OPTIONAL) MEDIA PLACEMENT: "This article has no uploaded files," "Place uploaded files after the summary," "First photo after summary, the rest after the articles" or "I will use placeholders for uploaded files."

-(REQUIRED) BODY OF ARTICLE: Enter the body of the article. You may enter it in plain text, pseudo-HTML, or HTML. Pseudo-HTML allows for a mix of plain text and HTML (but only bold, italic, and link tags). A common way of entering the article body is to write the article in another application on your computer and then copy and paste the text or HTML into the big white box.


The types of files you can send include (jpg, gif, doc, pdf, mp3, rm, avi, qt and mpeg). The largest any one file can be is 50Mb. If there are not enough boxes for the number of files you are sending, go back to SELECT QUANTITY OF FILE ATTACHMENTS at the top.


- Click the Browse.. button.
- Find the file you want to send from your hard drive.

-(OPTIONAL) WEBSITE ADDRESS: Enter the URL of your website. Enter this in the form


- Click "Submit Article". You are all done! You did it! Your article is on its way to the open publishing newswire. Don't click this twice or refresh the page. If you do, you will post your article twice!

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