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Candidate for state office David Blomstrom is advocating the death penalty for President George W. Bush.
Can the media continue to ignore the only candidate for public office in America who is publicly calling for George W. Bush's execution? David Blomstrom announced his most provocative issue on July 4, the same day he launched his revision of Jail4Bush, his anti-Bush website.

Blomstrom is a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Washington State. When he ran for the same office in 2000, there wasn't a single public education forum in Seattle, and the media scarcely mentioned his name. He expects 2004 to be even worse. Blomstrom singles out the Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Weekly (including sham activist columnist Geov Parrish) as corrupt as any media in the U.S.

Blomstrom is hoping citizens from each of the 50 states will contribute $10 to his campaign, enabling him to pay his $1,000 filing fee and demonstrating that there is public support for holding George W. Bush accountable beyond mere impeachment, even if most people prefer prison to execution. However, he expects his biggest supporters to be foreign nationals who help publicize his campaign, noting the extraordinary apathy and moral cowardice among U.S. citizens, including the Left.

Visit Jail4Bush at and Blomstrom's campaign website at You can also view his Death4Bush press release at

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