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Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In Rousted by Authorities

Newest Under Bridge location of Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In rousted by dozens of cops.
We were indeed busted last night at our Under Bridge location. A dozen cops showed up because when they spied all the people, they thought they had some major rager happening under the bridge. I think they were relieved to find us sedately watching movies. Leading the posse was the same cop who busted us last time. At this point, he's completely bummed to have to keep booting us. This time, the law said that we were in a city park after sunset and in a riparian zone to boot(!).

In general, this confronts our mission pretty directly. Reclaiming public space. Only in America would we think to close public parks after dark. In other countries, public spaces are where people spend their evenings, hanging out with friends, flirting, playing, drinking, singing, dancing. I think ultimately in our community, if we want to have any public life at all, we are going to have to challenge this.

Interestingly, the cops were sympathetic and were brainstorming places that might be perfect for Guerilla Drive-In. They said they'd be on the lookout.

But we'll have next Friday's show as scheduled at some new location to be announced. We got options.

We are Guerillas! We don't give up. On with the show!

Be on the lookout in some of the local press for articles about Guerilla Drive-In. We had a reporter from the Sentinel at GDI last night when we were rousted.


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Re: Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In Rousted by Authorities

what's wrong with the dubois street location? That was some prime real estate.

Join the Hopscotch Rebellion!

This is Santa Cruz. No free movies. No hacky-sacks. No bubbles. No frisbee. No football. No smoking near a doorway or window. No dogs on the mall. No sitting. No begging. No Sleeping. No hopscotch.


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