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PIRC Demonstrates at SC Town Clock on Bastille Day

On Bastille Day, July 14, 11AM to 1PM, several members of Psychiatric Inmates' Rights Collective (PIRC) are demonstrating against forced psychiatric treatment at the foot of the Santa Cruz Town Clock (at the head of Pacific Avenue).
Anyone wishing to join in is welcome. July has been designated "Mad Pride Month" and events celebrating the experience of "madness" take place all over the world.

Permission for the demonstration has been granted by Santa Cruz City Parks and Recreation.

Events in four nations in 2004, including Albany, New York, USA; Toronto, Canada, Eugene, Oregon, USA; Paris; London. How about your area next time?

You are invited to hold a Mad Pride event! Celebrate the social change movement for human rights and alternatives in the mental health system every You may hold an event large or small. Of course you may hold Mad Pride events any time during the year, though we are especially encouraging events each July -- Mad Pride month. For two decades, July 14 ("Bastille Day") has been a day for psychiatric survivors to speak out about human rights. If you do plan a Mad Pride event, just let Support Coalition know by contacting:

MindFreedom Support Coalition International
454 Willamette, Suite 216
P.O. Box 11284
Eugene, OR 97440-3484 USA

Toll Free Number: (877) MAD-PRIDE
Phone: (541) 345-9106
Fax: (541) 345-3737
E-mail: office (at)

Get Involved

The rights of people labeled with mental disabilities are threatened all over the world. Rates of coercion, force, abuse, neglect and deaths of people labeled with mental disabilities have even been declared an "emergency" by the World Health Organization.

You can be part of an exciting social change movement that is daring to challenge these abuses. We combine mutual support and grassroots activism to create a nonviolent but unstoppable force. You play a crucial role. And you will not be alone.

MindFreedom Support Coalition International works to expose these human rights violations, and to secure the self-determination of people in the “mental health� system.

You can help realize the human rights of people in the “mental health� system. There are many ways -- small and large -- you can get involved in MindFreedom Support Coalition International’s work. Together we can make a difference in the lives of people who have been given psychiatric labels around the world!

Volunteering for a grassroots activist group with very few resources takes special initiative and leadership. Don't wait to be told every detail... just pitch in! If a phone call or e-mail is not returned once in a while, don't give up!

While some people work best alone on a campaign, many are able to do this work because of mutual support. Find a member or two -- or a committee -- you can work with. Exchange phone numbers and become a team! Check in with each other for support and ideas. Or if you have a sponsor group near you, try to work in coordination between both the sponsor group and MindFreedom. Working directly with other members not only helps you, it also helps staff because it means every single thing does not have to go through a small office first. Please remember your enthusiasm and support are valued. Don't take on too much, this is a long haul movement.

To get a flavor of the origins of Mad Pride, you may want to check out the book Mad Pride and the CD "Nutters with Attitude" (that includes many bands that played during Mad Pride events) in the Mad Market.

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