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When all else fails with Freedom of Assembly, anyone can start a flash mob.

What are flash mobs?
Flash mobs are sudden gatherings of people at a predetermined location at a predetermined time.
People in flash mobs usually perform according to a written script, then disperse quickly. Flash mobs can be for many purposes but most groups stick to having fun.

Can we create a flash mob?
Anyone can start a flash mob. Previous events have been organized using email, discussion boards, etc. In the near future, will make this even easier. Several ideas to keep in mind are (1)new flash mob organizers should do their best to verify that others are not attempting similar things in their area so that they may work together, (2)the flash mob phenomenon is about groups coming together in a creative endeavor, don't feel the need to imitate previous flash mob events, (3)keep the safety of those who will take part in the mob in mind. This includes sanely evaluating the legality of the event and ensuring that events do not receive excessive attention from the media or legal authorities.

What does do? is a website for growing the idea of flash mobbing. Projects are under way to implement what can be called a flash mob search engine. This will allow flash mob organizers to more easily promote their flash mob. Other projects are targeted towards maintaining the history of these developing events. In the future many other community based projects will enrich and promote the flash mob idea.

How can we help? is still in its early days. They appreciate the outpouring of support and are working to organize the site to allow for increased community involvement. In the meantime, their mailing list will serve as an organizational tool to jumpstart future endeavors.

Where can we learn more about flash mobs?
There are many great resources besides for keeping up with flash mob trends. Among the best are and For a critical view of flash mobs, be sure to visit

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Join the Hopscotch Rebellion!!

Flash Mob idea: A dozen people go to a different block on Pacific Ave. and draw a hopscotch board.
then they walk one block up, and what do they find? A Hopscotch board thats allready been drawn! Then, they can play hopscotch to their hearts content for its not illegal to PLAY hopscotch, just to mark the sidewalk with Sidewalk chalk. Well, its illegal ONLY in Santa Cruz. I personally believe in civil disobedience using non-permanent, free speech, sidewalk chalk as a harmless alternative to graffiti.


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