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LA's Journal of Aesthetics and Protest #3 out now!

Downcoast in LA, the Journal of Aesthetics and protest issue 3 is thinking up ways for a long-term sustainable activist/creative culture. Check it out at
Los Angeles' Issue 3 of the Jrnl of Aesthetics and Protest out now!!

Los Angeles "Journal of Aesthetics and Protest" has productive thoughts around community, communication, creativity and building a long term sustainable culture.
Available Now!

#3 issue of The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

Available in paperback,
215 pages of radicality.
Contact us at sparkle(at) to buy a copy ($8.00).

Also available at:
331/3 in LA

The whole issue is also available online for free (with special web-only
content) at

The Shits Hit the Fan (gotta call my neighbor)!!!
This phrase rings through the 3rd issue. All of our friends live in structures with walls. They have their own phones, sidewalks and driveways that connect them to other houses. This issue comes out before the 2004 Presidential Election with its surreal allusions to holistic “democratic� community. Our response to this moment is to think about ways to strengthen our homes and networks, to better serve ourselves and those we are in solidarity with. No matter whom we vote for, the government still wins and Schwarzenegger isn’t coming to tow my broke-down car.


Table of Contents

>Financial Manifesto- Colleen Hennesey
>Dark Matter: Activist Art and the Counter-Public Sphere- Gregory Sholette
>The Pink Bloque-Rachel Caidor and Dara Greenwald
>United Net-Works- Sofie Sweger
>The Manufacture of Dissent- Andrew Boyd and Stephen Duncombe
>Deescalating SUV!=s that Run Into Demonstrators- Jene Despain
>Seance in the Dark Theater: Further Notes on the Death of Camp- Malik Gaines
and Alex Segade
>Playin!= It Straight: Fighting to Turn NYC into a Patriot Act Free Zone-
Benjamin Shepard
>Office Ops in Williamsburg, NY is innovating its role as property managers-
Kevin Lindamood
>180 Days- Aimee Chang
>Emiliano Zapata: la memoria de la rebeldia- Victor Hugo Sanchez Resendez
>Metaphysics, Protest and the Politics of Spectacular Failure- Colin Dickey
>Uberlinda, The Cardboard and the Fire- Graciala Monteagudo
>May Day- Felicia Luna Lemus
>I Broadcast Therefore I Am: Radio Adventures in Indymedia Cancun- Kate Coyer
>New Languages for New Practices in Argentina- Marina Sitrin and Emilio
>Community Centering- Damon Rich
>Contributions to a Resistant Visual Culture Glossary- Nato Thompson
>Deserting the Culture Bunker- John Jordan
>Hamburg Actions: A field Guide- Ava Bromberg and Brett Bloom
>Deluding Language- Delusional Art: Crypto Political Aesthetics with Katie
>Grinnan- Robby Herbst
>Flash! Like Gossip!- Marc Herbst

Art Project contributions by;

>Jane Tsong, Robert Powers
>Matias Viegener, David Burns, Austin Young,
>Pocho Research Society,
>Jennifer Murphy, Stream Spirit Rising

Web only Content;

>General Introduction to Collectivity in Modern Art- Alan Moore
>Aesthetic and Political Avant-Gardes- George Katsiaficas
>CIRCA: The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army- Larry M Bogad

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is a Los Angeles (USA) based magazine.
The Los Angeles Editorial Collective includes:

-Cara Baldwin, Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Lize Mogel, Christina Ulke, Kimberly

Corresponding editors are Pod (SF), Trevor Paglen (SF), Daniel Tucker (Chicago), Emily Forman(Chicago), Greg Berger (Cuernavaca), Sara Lewison (Nomadic), Redmond Entwistle (London).

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