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'Steve Argue Returns to Santa Cruz and faces immediate police harassment'

'Steve Argue Returns to Santa Cruz to run for city council and faces immediate police harassment.'
'Steve Argue Returns to Santa Cruz to run for city council and \r\nfaces immediate police harassment. \r\n\r\nBy Jennifer Gosk\r\n\r\n Outspoken 2002 Santa Cruz City Council candidate Steve Argue \r\nreturned to Santa Cruz on May 30th to face immediate police and other \r\ngovernment harrassment. He was stopped on Pacific Avenue by Officer \r\n107 and given a ticket for a j-walking ticket and failure to appear \r\nthat had been previuosly dropped. Now the authorities want $500 for \r\nthat same ticket. Steve Argue has been stopped repeatedly by the \r\nSanta Cruz police and charged with j-walking

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'Four Words'

'Nobody Gives A Shit!'


'And what was said cop doing when Steve hit him? Maybe he deserved it?'


'Nobody cares to read silly personal gossip. If its not useful information why post it? Concentrate on correcting your English or redirecting your anger to something more creative. Keep it off our wire.'


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