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Borders or Boarders?

noticed a broken window tonight at 'boarders'
rumor is that someone took the Metro Santa Cruz rack from the back entrance of New Leaf and threw it threw the window of Boardres. according to the same rumor, this was not the first time.

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Re: Borders or Boarders?

Yay, idiots are so terribly entertaining...

Attempted robbery?

Just for the record, I am completely against vandalism as a form of protest. Perhaps it was an attempted robbery?

Re: Borders or Boarders?

Not likely a robbery, Becky, unless the same person (or people) tried to "rob" the Sentinel shortly after visitng Borders, using either the same or another Metro Santa Cruz news box to smash the Sentinel's front door.

[Rumor has it that the Sentinel box in front of the newspaper was too full of unsold papers to pick up and throw. A truck driver delivering newsprint to the Sentinel got a pretty good look at the guy who did it and he filed a report with police.]

Incidentally, on Friday night/Saturday morning, someone left painted handprints on the Sentinel facade. In a possibly related incident, someone painted "Stop merchant hate crimes" on the wall of the building across from the Sentinel. I understand that other businesses around Santa Cruz were also adorned in a likewise manner.

I'm with you, Becky: There's got to be a better way of protesting than smashing stuff.


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