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The Lies from the PA

In this New York Times article, Joseph Berger reports on an incident where a Palestinian terror group was setting up a rocket in front of a Palestinian home in order to launch rockets over the fence and into Israeli settlements. The family objected, only to be fired upon with the resulting death of a 15 year old Palestinian boy. Guess who gets the blame for his death? Israel!!

This is not an isolated incident. When a Palestinian man rapes and beats his wife, he will report that his wife was raped and beaten by IDF soldiers. Then useful idiots like the ISM pick up the banner and condemn Israel for their violence.

This happens all the time.

Here is just one, well-documented incident in which Israel is blamed for Palestinian upon Palestinian violence.

Militants Force Palestinian Family
Into an Agonizing Choice
By Joseph Berger, July 24, 2004

See the original article at:

“On Friday, four members of Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, an armed branch of Yasir Arafat's Fatah movement, returned to [Beit Hanun] to try to set up a launcher in front of the [Zanin] family's house. The family protested, said Amna al-Zanin, a member of the family. The militants drew weapons. Three shot into the air, but a fourth fired directly at the family, wounding Ms. Zanin and hitting her 15-year-old nephew, Hassan al-Zanin. He died later at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City; doctors said the bullet had penetrated his heart.

"Even if we ask them not to fire from our land, that doesn't give them permission to shoot at us," Ms. Zanin said in a telephone interview from her bed at Alawdah Hospital in Jabaliya. "It's very painful that a Palestinian bullet was directed toward a Palestinian chest." Her 18-year-old nephew was hit in an ear, and her 20-year-old nephew was struck in the hand.

Palestinian Authority Report:

“Yesterday morning the 15 year old boy – Hassan Jamil Al-Zanin - became a Shahid (Martyr) and three other residents were moderately injured... when an Israeli tank opened fire from its machine guns at a group of residents that were at the entrance to the Beit Hanun town in north Gaza. Palestinian security sources noted that the Israeli tank fired at the residents’ homes... and led to the boy becoming a Shahid (Martyr) ... Eye witnesses from the town said that the boy Al-Zanin became a Shahid when an Israeli tank opened fire at a group of residents while a group of the resistance [fighters] were hiding bombs in the path of Israeli tanks in the area.

Residents explained that a dispute broke out between some of the armed men and people from the Al-Zanin family and as a result of the dispute near their house the occupation fired heavily, which led to the boy’s becoming a Shahid.? [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July, 24, 2004]

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