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An accurate definition of the enemy

No enemies? Oh, if it were only true. But until then, what about those guys who are trying to kill us ---the Americans, that is.

Remember September 11th? Those guys! Guess what? They still want to kill us. You can think up all sorts of reasons why they SHOULD want to kill us. But it's kind of like the beaten wife who tries to think of all the good reasons why her husband beat her. And she resolves to keep a cleaner house, bake him his favorite chicken-pot-pie and to not talk back to him, ever again. You see?

We (in the Peace movement) are kind of like her. We want to say that September 11th was an angry response to years of US exploitation of Arab countries. And that we deserved it somehow. And if we only stop our colonialist US hegemony and vast exploitation of Arab resources ----Golly gee!! Peace will break out all over. Those grateful Arabs will beat their swords into plowshares and Halliburton can just go begging.

I hate to break it to you. The Arabs don't want our aid, our technologies, or our peaceful commerce. They want to kill us. Convert or die.
That has always been the message of Islam to anyone who is not Islamic. Sure, Sure there are a lot of peaceful things too--but those rules are for how an Islamic should treat another Islamic. There are a different set of rules for how Islamics must treat infidels.

Remember that on September 11th, there was spontaneous dancing and celebrations in Gaza and the West Bank. While Americans were crushed, burned, or dropped to their deaths -- the Iraqis and the Palestinians danced in the streets.

They still dance and celebrate every time there is a grisly suicide bombing inside of Israel with massive loss of civilian life.

Daniel Pipes, a pro-Israeli writer, has written on the findings of the 9/11 Commission and how they characterized the nature of the threat facing America today.
The 9/11 Commission Findings:

An Accurate Definition of the Enemy
- Daniel Pipes

Finally, an official body of the U.S. government has come out and said what needs to be said: that the enemy is "Islamist terrorism...not just 'terrorism,' some generic evil." The 9/11 commission in its final report even declares that Islamist terrorism is the "catastrophic threat" facing the U.S. The great failing in the U.S. war effort since late 2001 has been the reluctance to name the enemy. In contrast to those analysts who wishfully dismiss the Islamists as a few fanatics, the 9/11 commission acknowledges their true importance, noting that bin Laden's message "has attracted active support from thousands of disaffected young Muslims and resonates powerfully with a far larger number who do not actively support his methods."
The Islamist outlook represents not a hijacking of Islam, as is often but wrongly claimed; rather it emerges from a "long tradition of extreme intolerance" within Islam, one going back centuries and in recent times associated with Wahhabism. U.S. strategy must be to dismantle al-Qaeda's network and prevail over "the ideology that gives rise to Islamist terrorism." In other words, "the U.S. has to help defeat an ideology, not just a group of people." (San Francisco Chronicle)

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