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THE FIGHTBACK: Students, Youth & the Dump Bush Movement August 13-15, New York City


Students, Youth & the Dump Bush Movement
August 13-15, New York City

"The Fightback" will focus on the immediate tasks of the Dump Bush movement,
mobilizing for the protests against the Republican National Convention, and
developing effective strategies for long-term social change. "The Fightback"
will feature speakers and workshops of interest to all progressives, and offer
resources and activist training for students who want to organize campaigns and
engage with young people on their campuses around the 2004

The timing is perfect, as the conference takes place shortly before many
students start the fall semester. It's time for youth and students to fight back
against the Bush regime and the elite it represents! We need to beat back the
corporate attack on working class and poor people -- and create a movement to
radically improve America in the interests of democracy, peace
and social justice.


-Hear speakers such as Ian Williams (author of the new book, "Deserter: George
W. Bush's War on Military Families, Veterans and His Past"), Frances Fox Piven
(author of "Poor People's Movements" and "Why Americans Don't Vote"), Bill
Fletcher (President of TransAfrica Forum), and Adrienne Maree Brown (co-editor
of "How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office" and Program Director, League of
Pissed Off Voters).

-Learn how to conduct get-out-the-vote election campaigns, do issue education
work related to the 2004 elections and build the movement that will hold the
next administration accountable.

-Hear from student movement leaders from other countries, including members of
the International Union of Socialist Youth - the largest youth political
coalition in the world.

-Discuss the history, theory and everyday practice of democratic socialism. Work
to strengthen the democratic left in America.

-Have fun with like minded-activists. Party on Saturday night (August 14).


-Everyone who attends "The Fightback" will be given a comprehensive resource
packet full of information, how-to guides, talking points and articles to help
you conduct successful campaigns, organize teach-ins and build coalitions.

-There will be an opening plenary Friday night entitled "Towards a Progressive
Governing Majority" with notable speakers and a forum on Saturday, "Confronting
the RNC: Strategy, Messaging and Movement Building," with key protest

-In addition to several panel discussions and trainings, there will be a series
of workshops on:
* workers' rights/labor movement
* civil liberties/security
* the Iraq war/US. military interventions
* civil rights/fighting racism
* the environment/energy policy
* feminism/reproductive rights
* Israel/Palestine
* LGBTQ rights/gay marriage
* the U.S. economy/global capitalism
* student movement/education funding
These workshops will inform you about the Bush administration's record on the
issues, how John Kerry's positions compare, progressive alternatives to
pro-corporate policies and how we can
organize to win our demands.

-There will be books, t-shirts, stickers, videos, magazine subscription
discounts and free give-aways for conference attendants.

Please check the website for updates:



"THE FIGHTBACK" is organized by the Young Democratic Socialists.
On Sunday, the last day of the conference, we will develop our activist agenda
for the year and elect YDS national leadership. We encourage you to join us!

TO GET INVOLVED or for MORE INFO check out: or contact us at:
yds (at) / 212-727-8610 ext. 24

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