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John Kerry's statement on Sudan

This is a statement from Kerry on the Situation in the Darfur Region of Sudan and the Lessons of Rwanda from a press release at his website. Note that unlike Secretary of State Colin Powell, UN Secretary General Koffi Annan, or Pres. George W. Bush that Kerry is not afraid to use the "G" word.
Washington, DC - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry issued the following statement today on the situation in the Darfur region of Sudan and the lessons of Rwanda:

“As the world pauses to recall in sorrow and regret the genocide that began ten years ago in Rwanda, we must act to prevent an enormous humanitarian tragedy in the Darfur region of Sudan, where fighting has led to the death and displacement of thousands in recent weeks.

“In neighboring Chad, a process of negotiation has begun between the government of Sudan and the rebels. It is imperative that all pressure be applied on the parties to negotiate an immediate ceasefire and allow access for humanitarian aid. Diplomatic pressure must be applied on the Sudanese government to stop the ‘janjaweed’ and allow monitoring in Darfur.

“The tragedy in Rwanda continues to give us pause. We must not forget the lessons of Rwanda, and we must demonstrate this by our leadership. We showed that kind of leadership in Bosnia and Kosovo, and it is needed now in Sudan to prevent a full-scale genocide and avoid the kind of broader destabilization that followed the tragic anniversary we mark today.

“I call on the President to demonstrate this kind of leadership in resolving the crisis in Sudan. We need to act now so that we never again find ourselves remembering our own failure to stop another genocide.?

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Re: John Kerry's statement on Sudan

Great, Kerry is pounding the drums for U.S. imperialist intervention in Sudan and using Clinton's war and occupation of Yugoslavia as a positive example. We also should not forget the pharmaceutical plant that Clinton blew up in Sudan, destroying the production of needed medicines for the region. U.S. imperialism has had its hand in creating the humanitarian crisis in Sudan and the only real solutions that will help the people there will come from the Sudanese people themselves.

U.S. imperialism out of Sudan, Afghanistan, and Iraq!

Build the anti-war movement!

Don’t vote for war-monger Kerry!

US imperialism in Sudan?????????

Steve, HOW did "US imperialism" partially cause the humanitarian crisis in Sudan?

The Arab/Islamic Sudanese govt. is funding and arming the Janjaweed---an Arab/Islamic militant group to systematically rape, kill, or drive out 2 million black, Christians in the south over the past 20 years, and 30,000 dead in (Arab/Islamic)Darfur in the past year.

Sudan DID agree to kick Osama Bin Laden out a few years back under pressure from the USA, but HOW do you blame the USA for this crisis?

And why don't you blame the Arab/Islamic government which is arming and funding the Janjaweed?

Why don't you blame Kofi Annan and the UN for doing nothing while people are dying?

Note----John Kerry has a better position on Sudan than George W. Bush has. Or do you disagree?

As you know, I ORGANIZED protests against the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. Then the USA falsely accused the Serbs of genocide. HERE we have a real case of genocide and because you have such a knee-jerk reaction against the USA and Israel, you can't condemn Arab/Islamic violence when it occurs even though it is an example of TRUE genocide. What kind of values do you have, Steve?


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