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This is a callout by queers in San Francisco to form a radical queer affinity group to protest at the Republican National Convention in NYC.
This a callout/proposal from a radical queer affinity group from San Francisco. We are trying to organize a large affinity group at the Republican National Convention in NYC in August We strongly desire coalition work and collaboration with queers around the country, and this event is not set in stone. Our goal is to eventually meet with queers in NYC to solidify our plans, and until then to organize on the internet. Please email us and subscribe to our listserve for updates and announcements.
Email: queersatthernc (at)
List: queersatthernc-subscribe (at) (send an email to be subscribed)

"Married to the State: A Shotgun Wedding"
A satire highlighting the hypocrisy of the mainstream gay agenda

Our goal is to go beyond the straight Republicans and to critique those gays that encourage and reinforce systems of oppression that personify the electoral political arena, on the grounds that:
- The drive for gay marriage serves to redraw the lines of right and wrong for queers, imposing on them conservative sexual and social ethics.
- State-sanctioned marriage is to secure privilege, power, and property, and excludes those without them.
- A culture that equates consumerism and assimilation with liberation does not represent us.
- The military is a fascistic institution of oppression, and we as queers enjoy our exclusion from it.
- Gay marriage is a distraction from the War in Iraq.

This is a costumed event, so dress devilishly as your favorite oppressor and we'll preside over your marriage to a same-sex system of oppression, or simply be our witness. Rumor has it John Kerry-Bush and George W. Bush-Kerry will be in attendence, celebrating their recent same-sex union.

What: A callout/proposal for a radical queer presence at the RNC
Who: A queer affinity group from San Francisco, seeking collaboration with
other queers around the country
When: August 29th, time TBA
Where: NYC, Location TBA

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