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Llamadas de COPA para la cubierta baja de la renta--COPA Calls for Low Income Housing

At the Board of Supervisors meeting this morning COPA members advocated for an expansion of the interim regulations for the conversion of non-residential to residential land.
Ernesto Aroso (derecho) explica a través de un intérprete que aunque aquí lo
viven por años y los trabajos en los campos su familia no tienen muy
difícilmente su propio cuarto de baño o ducha.
Ernesto Aroso (right) explains through an interpreter that although he's lived here for years and works very hard in the fields his family does not have their own bathroom or shower.
The regulations call for a 40% allocation of such development to go to moderate and low income residents.

In a statement COPA requested that these regulations also include very low income residents.

Moderate income is defined by 100-120% of median income estimated for a family of four, $74,000. Low income is defined as 80% or below of that median. Very low income is 50% of median, or $37,000 for a family of four.

The board voted to extend the interim regulations but did not address this issue at this time.

Translated at:

En el tablero de los supervisores que satisfacen este a miembros de la
mañana COPA abogados para una extensión de las regulaciones del interino para la conversión de
non-residential a la tierra residencial. Las regulaciones llaman para una asignación del 40% de tal desarrollo para ir a
moderar y de la renta baja residentes.

En una declaración COPA solicitó que estas regulaciones también
incluyan a residentes muy bajos de la renta.

La renta moderada es definida por 100-120% de renta mediana estimada
para una familia de cuatro, $74.000. La renta baja se define como 80% o abajo de ésa
mediana. La renta muy baja es el 50% de punto medio, o $37.000 para una familia de cuatro.

El tablero votado para ampliar las regulaciones del interino pero no
trató esta edición en este tiempo.

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What is COPA?

I'm trying to figure out what COPA is. All I can find out so far is this small bit of info from a Sentinel article on July 28, 2004:

"Star of the Sea has stood out in the Santa Cruz Catholic community for its commitment to integrating the Latino and Anglo communities, offering free Spanish and English classes, bilingual masses and a program named COPA involving small group discussions about social and spiritual matters."

So according to this Sentinel article, COPA involves "small group discussions about social and spiritual matters."

Does anyone else have any info about COPA?


"In June 2003 a new organization, COPA (Communities Organized in Relational Power for Action), was formed. COPA is a broad-based organization with the power to take collective action in the name of justice and the common good for the people of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

"COPA has chosen six issue areas: Housing, Immigration, Health Care, Education, Safe Communities, and Economic Opportunity. Through periodic assemblies and seminars the group educates and motivates its members to take action on the local and state and federal levels of government to make our communities better places to live.

"COPA was the end result of a 3-year project (CCIS -- Central Coast Interfaith Sponsors) which exposed communities to the potential of Relational Power and explored the need for interest in and need for such an organization. The members of COPA are religious congregations, schools, unions, community and civic organizations. Leaders from these groups meet from time to time for training sessions on how to engage in public life in our community. They begin conversations that can lead to healthy public relationships among leaders of different faiths and organizations. Personal stories of life and work lead to a better understanding of the struggles of ordinary people and the pressures on families who live on the Central Coast.. By drawing on the traditions of faith and democracy, leaders learn how to engage in the ministry of public life and how to take effective action for social justice and the common good."

I believe you can contact them through various organizations that are members. Sorry, I don't have a list.


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