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$3 Million can't buy respect for African Americans

Sisterspace and Books has been evicted. The bookstore and community space was located at 1515 U St NW, Wash. DC.

Yes Sisterpace has been evicted. It was reported July 26, 2004 on that Sisterspace and Books had been given an anonymous donation of $875,000.00. I was told by one of the owners this morning while I was interviewing her for the ThinkTankMag.Com that they also had and offer to go up to almost $3 Million,YES $3 Million Dollars to purchase the building.

An eviction order was valid through Aug. 8th. The unanswered question was why couldn’t the managing trust inform the owners of today’s eviction during negotiations. This would have given the owners time to make other arrangements and avoided a public relations catastrophe.

I watched one of the owners sitting curbside crying as she looked on to see her possessions, dreams and business being tossed in the streets. Gentrification has gone to far.

Read the complete article at WWW.ThinkTankMag.Com

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