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CHAOS on BROADWAY: A Call to Action! NYC – RNC Protests

CHAOS on BROADWAY: A Call to Action! NYC – RNC Protests

An all-encompassing festively militant event:

Sunday, August 29th 4pm, Theater District NYC

Hundreds of thousands will converge to NYC on August 29th to confront the Republican elite’s agenda. The city has permitted United for Peace and Justice to converge on the West Side Highway along the Hudson River, away from the glutinous revelry of the Republican hordes. Meanwhile the Republicans will be carousing on Broadway, watching shows, drinking martinis and laughing at our ineffectiveness.

Or will they? Or will they not make it to their parties?

This is a call to all corners of America to DISRUPT their merry-making and TAKE OVER BROADWAY!

Blocs of all kinds will converge towards the theater district and the Times Square area from ALL DIRECTIONS!

The Bike Bloc
The Mouse Bloc
The Youth Bloc
The Pirate Bloc
Noise Riot Bloc
The Anti-capitalist Bloc
The Clown Bloc
The Queer Bloc

And all others are invited to an incredibly FESTIVE and MILITANT take over of Broadway.

Festive: Bring paint, streamers, balloons, noisemakers, home made instruments, chalk, and all other supplies you may need!

Militant: Be prepared for the police disruption of our free speech: Bring protective banners and watch out for police snatch squads and assaults. DO NOT WORRY about police scaring you from bringing what you need to get your message across, our merriment and our safety is more important!

We are calling for those who do go to the Legal Rally to break away before 3pm and head uptown. Other march and protest gathering points will be decided later at spokes councils.

~ Hubbub Collective - New York, New York

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