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The Day Philosophy Dies

“Step One is to recognize that there is a problem.? When a movie star is kidnapped and put through a 12 step recovery program for addiction to Western Civilization, reality gets turned on its ear. The fugitives careen headlong through passion, betrayal, and assassinations toward an explosive event that will transform the world. Everything you know can change in an instant. Are you ready for the next step?
The Day Philosophy Dies, by Casey Maddox.
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This book is amazing. If I could make certain books required reading, I think this would be on the top ten list. The novel is all about recovering from Western Civilization and destroying it. Completely. And it’s written amazingly. Need I say more?

Casey Maddox, a student of Derrick Jensen and state-held hostage, writes this book explicitly from an anti-ideological, limitless perspective. Civilization needs to go: no when, where, or isms about it. It is written with urgency and realism. It is upfront and harsh, but not overlooking the emotional turmoil civilization gives us in its life and death.

When a movie star is kidnapped and put in a 12 step recovery program from Western Civilization, the fugitives are out to make it clear about how civilization is destroying the earth and our lives and why we’re blind to it. It brings the destructiveness of civilized life to the forefront and gives us other ways of approaching it. To always ask why instead of remaining complacent. To think for ourselves and not look for answers.

The style of the book makes it even better. Its written minimalist style which has been popularized by Chuck Palahniuk: meaning simply, quick, dark and witty. Most of all, it’s really catchy. This is one of those books that you read a couple chapters (or pages in my case) and just get sucked in until it’s over. The characters are well developed and involving. The plot constantly twists and deepens.

In a time when books on the destruction of civilization are hard to come by, this book is even more welcomed. Its not just amazing writing or a fun thought exercise; it’s a call to action. That is the crux of the book: civilization is killing us, what are you going to do about it.

It’s honest and straightforward. It’s passionate and powerful. What more could
you ask for?

I can’t recommend this enough.

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Re: The Day Philosophy Dies

This is a very complex and intellegently written book. It is brilliant because it's crafted for the MTV gen. with all its short attention span, and love of cheap thrills, sex, and violence. So while I find the thrill ride a little overwhelming, I can see how young people (or anyone who doesn't yet have a clue about what's really happening in our destructive culture) would get drawn in and unknowingly introduced to dozens upon dozens of new perspectives and political ideas on everything from racism and gender relations, to anarchy and activism, enviromental injustices, and corporate crooks, etc., etc., etc. Really important stuff this. Anyone scared off by taking the first few pages literally will miss out.


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