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Santa Monica Solidarity Rally for Palestine

The Anti-Wall Taskforce
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Santa Monica Solidarity Rally For Palestine

July 23 to July 25 Activist including Answer, Free Palestine Alliance, Women in Black held a weekend awareness campaign in Palisades Park by the Santa Monica pier. Photos in this report are from the Zionist disruption attempt of Sunday the 25th. Accompanying the photos is a statement from an eyewitness, organizer information and companion articles dealing with the current situation in the region.

Statement from organizers -

In response to the international consensus in opposition to the Israeli Apartheid wall, and the International Court of Justice's recent decision determining that the Israeli Apartheid wall violates:

The rights of the Palestinian people.

The U.S. administration and the majority of Congress joined Israel by defying the world and supporting this
racist and colonial Apartheid wall.

Recognizing that the upcoming period provides an
important window to address the US policy.

The Anti-Wall Taskforce (AWT) was formed to coordinate all efforts pertaining to the proposed protest actions and Solidarity Fasts to be carried out in various cities in the United States and Canada.

Eyewitness Report Back –

I’d like to share a brief report and a public thank you regarding last weekend’s "tent of peace and justice" in Santa Monica.

The event started on Friday afternoon, and continued throughout Saturday and until Sunday afternoon. during this entire time, 10 activists fasted in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters back home. the tent was set up in a prime spot near the Santa Monica pier and got great visibility by hundreds or thousands of passers-by. It included a mock wall with photos and information taped to it, an information table, and a projector and screen where documentary films were shown in the evening. Participants in this event held pro-Palestinian and anti-wall signs, and flyers were passed out. Various activists spoke on the p.a. system, and There was a candlelight procession in the evening.

The Zionists, as usual, arranged a counter-protest. They hired an airplane on all 3 days to carry anti-Palestinian signs in across the beach (a different message each day - one was something about arafat and terrorism, and others were about Palestinians teaching hate and sending their children on suicide bombings). On Sunday afternoon, they came out in full force, with many racist signs and many of their hardcore members. A lot of friction resulted, in many cases very heated exchanges, including insults, and at least in 3 cases that I saw it turned physical. we chanted pro-palestinian and anti-wall slogans; they chanted their racist slogans. (of course since we had the p.a. system, our voices were louder, although their numbers were comparable to ours).

I would like to thank all the organizers for a remarkable effort that they put in. the names that immediately come to my mind are those of xxx, xxx
xxx, xxx, the free Palestine alliance, and answer coalition. of course there were other individuals and groups involved too, but still the whole effort hinged on just a handful of individuals. They organized and implemented all of this, which entailed an enormous amount of physical
effort (I just showed up a couple of hours each day, and helped close down on 2 of the nights, without fasting, and found that quite tiring!). So I
think they deserve a huge acknowledgement from everyone who cares about Palestine but for one reason or another wasn't able to participate even partially.

Again, thank you to xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx and others for the AMAZING job you've done!!

Note: Individual names were removed, much of the information provided was obtained from the Women in Black list serve.

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What about the suicide bombings and attacks on civilians?

Well, its nice to know there was an actual, organized counter-demonstration to this dog-and-pony roadshow selling misinformation about Israel and its security barrier.

Nowhere in this message is there even a hint of the huge problem Israel has with suicide bombings and terror attacks from the West Bank, which is the whole reason for the barrier in the first place.

After 14 separate efforts since 1937 (each rebuffed or met with war) to establish a separate Palestinian nation, Israel was forced to act unilaterally. With no one they could reasonably negotiate the path of the security barrier, Israel did it unilaterally, letting the Israeli courts decide if it was legal to do so or not.

The Israeli Supreme Court heard a case against the barrier filed by Palestinians affected by the course of the fence. The court partially ruled in their favor, ordering the route of the barrier be changed to accomodate Palestinian human rights concerns. But that same court ruled the barrier itself is legal, and land used for it can be taken under emminent domain providing compensation to legitimate property owners.

Naturally, many Palestinian homes and businesses were built on land of questionable or absentee landowners and without permits. Often these "squatters" are not compensated.

While this may seem cruel, it is no different here in Santa Cruz. Homes and businesses built on other peoples land and without permits are red-tagged and bulldozed.

Already the barrier has reduced and stopped attacks. It is saving lives. The ICJ basically ruled that Palestinian property rights are more important than saving Jewish lives.

I thought people who want peace would be glad about a passive resistance device which is preventing violent attacks and death to occur.

Hey, I guess its just plain old Jew-hatred after all.

Re: Santa Monica Solidarity Rally for Palestine

There are a couple of huge leaps that you have made in your comments. One, that bulldozing Palestinian houses and businesses to make way for the wall is the equivalent of red-tagging unsafe homes here in the U.S. That is offensive. And, quite honestly, if this wall is meant SOLELY to protect Israelis, then why isn't it being built in a manner that is more sensative to the surrounding area? Why isn't it being built along the Green Line? It seems to me that many people can look on this and see it solely as a land grab because it is not being built with those two things in mind.

Second, to leap from peaceful protest of world events to "Jew-hatred" just seems a little extreme, as well.

I know, let's propose that SC property owners get together and construct a wall to keep out vagrant drug addicts and alcoholics for our own safety. The wall will be built on willing seller's property, so there's no problem here, right? No one's rights are being infringed, correct? In fact, the vagrant bums will even BENEFIT from this, because then they will no longer be harrassed by those mean old SC police officers. Don't like my idea? Then you must be a SC resident-hater.

Re: Santa Monica Solidarity Rally for Palestine

" then why isn't it being built in a manner that is more sensative to the surrounding area? Why isn't it being built along the Green Line?"

Sure, let's be more sensitive...afterall, the palestinians only blow up school buses and restaurants and stuff...The "Green Line""!!??
The Green Line is indefensible...that's why the Arabs attacked Israel 5 times..
Hey, here's a novel idea...why don't the Arab negotiate peace, instead of continuing the failed intifada?

Calls for Peace Are Ignored

There is a strong Israeli-Palestinian moderate peace movement. All of it's proposals have been ignored by the present government.

The Green Line means nothing to Palestinians

Why isn't Israel's security barrier being built on the Green line? First, the Palestinians don't respect the green line. They bomb on both sides of it. They don't generally even accept that Israel is a Jewish State that has a right to exist. So Israel had to act unilaterally.

Second, the purpose of the barrier is to save Jewish lives from Palestinian violence. The barrier is along a line which puts the maximum number of Jews on the "safe" side of the barrier.

Third, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled the barrier is legal in order to protect Israelis from violence and justified under emminent domain.

Fourth, ample evidence exists that the barrier is already saving Jewish lives and frustrating would-be suicide bombers.

Five, there is no "Palestinian" land. when did the land become "Palestine"? What year? Can you name the agreement? Who signed it? The land is legally unallocated portions of the British Mandate for Palestine. It is not Jordan. It is not Egypt. There is no Palestine.

Lastly, the barrier is not a "land grab" as opponents try to convince naive westerners. The barrier is temporary until a peace agreement can be reached. Remember Arafat dumped the 2000 peace agreement and launched his intifada instead. 4,200 dead later and you think Israel should sit on its hands and go to more funerals of dead Jews?


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