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AUDIO: Interview with Utah Phillips

An interview done with Utah Phillips at the Books not Bombs rally at the Lawerence Livermore Nuclear Lab on 8-8-04.

The MP3 file is 25min 30sec long and just under 24 MB.

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3]
On 8-8-04 Augusto Cesar Sandino Segundo of Free Radio Santa Cruz had the opportunity to talk for about 20 minutes with Utah Phillips, legendary folk singer and union orgainizer. They speak at length about the song "I want to know", anarchy and what it means to be an anarchist, how to talk to people and relate to them as human beings, voting, and briefly about the days actions. Included at the beginning are some of Utah's comments to the crowd and the live version of "I want to know" that they begin the interview talking about.

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Also check out the great coverage of the Livermore action at the indybay link!

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