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AUDIO: DNC2RNC Update from Ryan Harvey in New Haven, CT

On August 16, radical folk musician and organizer Ryan Harvey called into Free Radio Santa Cruz from New Haven, CT to give an update on the DNC2RNC march. (35 minutes / 32 megabytes)

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]
Ryan and the rest of the DNC2RNC marchers went through relics of the Hurricane earlier in the day.

He has been working on the musical aspects of the march for the last few few months.

In addition to discussing the DNC2RNC march, Ryan also talks about writing songs, some of his inspirations, organizing as a youth in Towson, MD (which 'earned' him visits from the FBI), increased police repression (like shutting down activist art spaces), under-ground and above-ground activism, copyrights and distributing his music, organizing in locations all across the US, the US government's tactics for supressing dissent, knowing our history and being a folk musician.

After the interivew, you will hear Ryan Harvey's Open Song to George Bush.

Ryan Harvey's website


Here's the call from Cedar, Peter, Giana and Cody
DNC2RNC Marchers Update FRSC from New Haven, CT

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