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Resolve needed to halt Sudan genocide

This article understates the human rights disaster occurring right now in Sudan. An estimated 1000 people A DAY are dying. Huge concentration camps have been set up where Sudanese are not allowed to leave but where they have no food, clean water, shelter, or medicine. Men who try to leave are shot on the spot. The women who try to leave are raped. The 350,000 that the Seattle Intelligencer editorial board fear might die this year without intervention is a low-ball figure. Others have estimated that as many as a million people may be dead by the end of the year if the international community doesn't intervene right now. Look at the pathetic response so far from the United Nations. They are still "considering" sanctions. In the USA, neither George W. Bush NOR Colin Powell will call the disaster by its proper name: Genocide. By contrast, Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry called it genocide last April. Also, locally, I note that the Resource Center for Nonviolence does not have a single mention of Sudan on its website.
Wednesday, July 28, 2004


It's going to take concerted efforts for the world to stop the growing humanitarian catastrophe in Sudan. The situation demands sustained focus.

The U.N. Security Council could vote as early as this week on a U.S.-drafted resolution demanding Sudan deliver on its promises to stop Arab militia attacks on black African communities in the western Darfur region. That kind of international pressure, including at least an implied threat of sanctions, is critical.

As a congressional resolution suggested, the attacks amount to a campaign of genocide, carried out with Sudanese government support.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and other diplomats have done significant work to gain Sudanese promises to act responsibly. But Sudan must act, not just talk.

Humanitarian aid is also urgent. Federal Way-based World Vision says Sudan is promising to facilitate aid deliveries for refugee camps. The U.N. World Food Program and private agencies, including World Vision, also are sending food to refugee camps in Chad.

A U.S. agency has warned that 350,000 or more Sudanese could die this year. That gruesome prospect can be averted only with international resolve.

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Re: Resolve needed to halt Sudan genocide

Becky just keeps posting these pro-war editorials articles from the corporate news. Meanwhile her calls for a U.S. war and occupation in Sudan seem to be the only international subject that Becky loves as much as covering up for Zionists murdering Arabs.

1000 people a day dying from war

I am calling for the Bush administration and Koffi Annan of the United Nations to call the situation in Sudan what it is: genocide.

I am calling on the left in Santa Cruz to contact their leaders and insist that efforts be made immediately to get food, water, and medicine to the 1.2 million refugees in Sudan and Chad who are starving and dropping like flies.

I am calling on the Santa Cruz community, to act to end the genocide in Sudan in any way reasonable. The world sat on their hands 10 years ago while genocide occurred in Rwanda. We have no excuse for not screaming bloody murder from the rooftops.

But for Steve, he would rather cover up for Arabs murdering black Christians and fellow Arabs in Western Darfur because it doesn't involve bashing Israel. In fact, Steve seems to be very pro-Arab no matter what they do.

An estimated 40,000 people have been murdered already in the last year. In the Israeli/Palestinian conflict 4,200 have been killed in the last four years. Steve thinks its 10 times more important to report on "Zionists murdering Arabs" (even when some of these "murdered" Arabs were suicide bombers!!)than the people of Sudan.

And he calls me a racist????

The death toll alone requires people of conscience and means to act to end the killings and the suffering.


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