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NEW KICKS VIDEO -- Le Tigre's Anti-War, Anti-Bush video

Check out Le Tigre's new anti-war video -- it's great!

I hope it gets a lot of visibility....
Dear Friends,

Le Tigre's new album, "THIS ISLAND" (debut for strummer/universal) comes out Oct 19th, but here is the first look from the album. "New Kicks" is not a first 'single' per se, but rather Le Tigre's 'audio documentary', an anti-bush anti-war introductory talking piece to the new album.

The spoken samples in the song, taken from speeches from an anti-war demonstration earlier this year, feature Susan Sarandon, Al Sharpton , Ossie Davis, Ron Kovic (the 'born on the 4th of july' guy) and several others.

New Kicks is not just about Le Tigre, the real stars of the song are all the people who showed up to protest and are staying politically engaged in the face of apathy.

Le Tigre

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Streaming URL:

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