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Petition to Rock Fabric of Evangelical Hypocrisy

Petition to U.S. Congress Eliminates Religious Institutions from Tax Exempt
Status - All Religious Texts Promoting Criminal Activity Must be Purged From
Public Worship Handbooks.
Petition to U.S. Congress

This Proclamation to Congress Clearly Addresses the Extraordinary Reality that Churches and Synagogues of All Religions across our Great Nation are Completely Tax Exempt - while their Religious Handbooks are riddled with Demands of Criminal Activity. This Petition - Firmly Protecting America’s most Important Foundational Blocks - Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion - yet not Freedom of Taxation - as according to the - In God We Trust Protection Act:
In God We Trust Protection Act

We The People - Petition Congress - All Churches, Religious Organizations, Schools and Universities to Retain Tax Exempt Status Must Expurgate from Public Religious Teaching Handbooks, all Text which Condone, Advocate and Command Illegal Activity According to The Laws of - The United States of America.

We The People - No Longer Allow Our Elected Officials Financially Aiding Favor to Institutions Whose Public Texts Call for Actionable Illegal and Abhorrent Crimes. All Text Including, but not Limited to: Terrorism - War Crimes - Human Rights Violations - Sexual Crimes Against Children - Censorship of Speech and Religion - Animal Cruelty - Murder - Suppression and Cruelty of Women - Rape - Incest - Slavery - Torture and all Crimes Against Humanity. Precepts of Terror Shall No Longer Reign as Precepts of Financial Privilege. Religious Institutions That Do Not Uphold the Laws of the Land Shall no Longer be Free from the Tax of the Land of -The United States of America.

We The People - Example to Our Children Petitioning Before Congress and Beacon to The World Upholding America in Authentic Family Values. This Historic Step of Demonstrating Spiritual Liberty, that Which is Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion - Yet Giving No Favor, Neither Financially Awarding Special Privilege, Where Public Religious Text Continues Condoning, Advocating and Commanding Violation of The Laws of -The United States of America.

sign official document here

Help us launch this campaign by publicly exposing Evangelical hypocrisy - running responsible news articles - inviting Richard as a guest speaker and/or contributing $1.00 or more to author and petition coordinator Richard Schultz. We must help ourselves by helping each other and God Truly Bless America - visit us at:

Read the story behind the petition ( If controversy is your cup of tea )

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