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Critical Mass Radio Broadcast Friday!!

That's right - the dawn of Critical Mass Radio Network is finally here! You can tune in for your local slice of the action at 2pm PST... but tune in all day for segments from radio stations across the US - we stand in opposition to Bush's imperialist regime AND we know how to rock out.

Friday, August 27th, 2004

Announcing the first broadcast by the
Critical.Mass.Radio.Network (CMRN)

Join us for a day of radio resistance against empire and war. Join us for a day where we bring together the sounds and voices from our streets and neighborhoods, and send those in power a clear message that we will not be silent in the face of their lies.

Join us as we welcome very special guests throughout the network!

What is it?

CMRN is a decentralized network of independent community based radio stations that will broadcast a coordinated signal internationally. The general theme of tommorow's broadcast will be the Republican National Convention in New York and the resistance to the policies of the Bush Administration.

Where is it?

Tune in to the webstream at, or to your local pirate FM transmission.

Who is it?

CMRN is initially composed of 6 radio stations which include Enemy Combatant Radio (San Francisco), A-Noise (New York IMC Audio), Radio
Active Radio (San Diego), Portland IMC Radio, Freak Radio Santa Cruz, and Kill Radio (Los Angeles), with more stations expected in the future.

When is it?

Our first broadcast is tommorow Friday, August 27th starting at 10:00 AM Pacific time (1pm Eastern) and finishing at 10pm Pacific time (1am
Eastern). Initially, we plan to have regular broadcasts on the last friday of every month and increase the frequency in the future.

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