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Legislating Evangelical Hypocrisy to its Knees

The In God We Trust Protection Act - ( petition) has raised a whole lot of issues totally unrelated to this proposal to U.S. Congress. It has nothing to do with a constraint on freedom of religion. It has to do with politically bringing Evangelical Hypocrisy to its knees - socially, morally and financially stopping them dead in their arrogant tracks. The Christian Right Wing Zealots, are wielding the power of religion politically, financially, socially and legislatively -
which has an awful lot to do with the platform of Family Values - which is a total sham when based on the Bible. The In God We Trust Protection Act -
(petition) is not to evoke a 2,000-year-old spitting contest as this completely misses the point.

Take the facts (according to Christian Right Wing Zealots) the gay marriage issue is popular now - yesterday it was women's right - (voting etc) the day before slavery - the day before - no freedom of speech and religion. The Bible says - to stone gays to death - plain and simple - the Bible says women cannot speak in church - plain and simple - How the hell can they VOTE! The Bible says to mark slave property by hammering their ear to the door. Lincoln fought a whole lot harder against the Bible to free slaves then against the south. Women fought The Bible for their Rights. The Bible says death unto freedom of religion and freedom of speech - period - this is irrefutable. The Bible condones advocates and commands a multitude of illegalities and frankly I could give a damn - Lincoln fought against the Christian Zealots to free slavery - Jefferson fought against the Christian Zealots for freedom of religion - gay discriminations are Bible based. The First Biblical Commandment completely OPPOSES the first Constitutional Amendment. Don’t you think our Founding Fathers knew this? People for ages were burned at the stake for this blasphemy - but I'm not standing here challenging anyone to a religious pissing contest.

The Christian Right Zealots, in a modern day society, will be socially, morally, politically, and financially dead in their tracks - because of the God they pray to - Biblical God. The saying goes - non-believers are those who have read the bible - believers are those who have not.

The In God we Trust Protection Act ( petition) states that all churches - and religious universities cannot have tax exempt status while their handbooks Condone - Advocate and Demand - Illegal Activity (duh!) that goes for the Koran - Charlie Manson’s Handbook on Good Behavior - Bin Laden’s Quick and Easy Flying Lessons to Heaven - whatever - WHO cares! - WHY should they be tax-exempt when their handbooks promote completely breaking the law?

The Christian Right Wing -the Zealots - the God is on our side crowd. I'm telling you one- hundred per cent God IS on their side - and that is JUST My Point - Major portions of the Bible would have to be deleted if it were to be a religious public handbook that upholds the law - Why hasn't Dick Cheney taken his daughter to town square and the Christian Zealots stoned her - she is GAY - Christ get a grip - are George Bush Daughters Virgins - If not would he STONE them !! I despise the Religious Right because their is not a single group of fanatics more hypocritical - they use the Bible as a financial and political sword - this is not about the love of Jesus - this is NOT about Religion. It is about Money - Suppression and Political Power.

Look at it like this - I'm not saying you will murder your wife for disagreeing religiously with you about God Law - but if you do, you will have followed Gods Law. I'm not saying if you read the Bible you will stone your sons for getting belligerent behavior and getting drunk - but if you do - you will have followed Gods Law - I'm not saying for women to shut - up in church and listen to their husbands for learning - but if I did - I would be following Gods law. I'm not saying if you read the Bible you will kill gays - but if you do, you would be following Gods Law.

Spit as far as you like - but these are the facts -

The Faith Based Initiatives go to Bible Based Religions - according to Bible Law anybody working on Sunday - faces the penalty of death by stoning. I don't give a s%^$@* about the Bible. I don't give a rats %##@ about religion. The Republican Right does and uses it as a financial, political, moral and social weapon and this weapon should be exposed. This is all I am saying. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion have nothing to do what-so-ever with the In God We Trust Protection Act (petition.)

If a bill were proposed to the U.S. Congress to eliminate tax exempt status for the promotion of illegality in public worship handbooks, the religious zealots would fall flat on their ass but I guarantee you this sitting congress would never pass this bill. But - I ask you - what is their argument? What are those purporting families values going to say? “I’m sorry but we demand to have tax exemption to uphold the institution of religious texts that command illegal activity for our Kids? I’m sorry but our country is based on a foundation of a multitude of abominations that must remain in .our religious texts.? The promotion of criminality in religious text cannot be regarded as promotion of criminality? I ask you what is the argument? Secondly, what about the youth exposed to this criminology by the support of the government and support of parental beliefs in the Holy Word of God. Preach illegality all you want but not on a tax free dollar.

We must put them in this embarrassing public political situation. We must have them answer to one or the other choice - pay taxes and preach from worship handbooks that purport illegalities - or - edit religious text and continue tax exempt status. Tax Exemption is a privilege - not a right! This petition has nothing to do with religious censorship.

The Founding Fathers of this Country were NOT Bible believers. The first commandment, punishable by death, is freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Jerry Falwell - Pat Robertson, George W. Bush - Ann Coulter - Sean Hannity - Bill O Riely - John Ashcroft (former minister) - the entire Christian Coalition - on and on - is this their religious, moral, social and political belief of choice?

Laws protect us - from those who would uphold the laws of the Holy Bible according to The Word of God - Religious Bigots are still clinging to ghastly abominations that would make any gay coming out of the closet under the worst of situations look like Jesus Christ had just arrived. Read for yourself the story behind the In God We Trust Protection Act (petition)

The In God We Trust Protection Act ( petition) is a Religious Zealot’s worst social, financial and political nightmare - a 230 word quicksand quagmire that 99 percent of the wonderful people who go to church carrying their Bibles on Sunday have absolutely no clue. Every abominable crime in the In God We Trust Protection Act (petition) is either exampled - condoned - advocated or demanded by the Word of God in the Holy Bible. Period. It stinks and I hate it as much as any decent human being would. Of course the Koran is not exempt - It has it’s own ax to grind. I am not arguing about religion. I’m arguing about Tax Exempt Status promoting texts of illegal activity - We as a nation are aiding and abetting criminal activity in the form of Tax Exempt Status under the guise of religious worship. This law should have gone into effect eons ago. What does this petition have to do with freedom of religion? Be free all you want - but not free of taxation when your handbooks promote criminal activity - have I not had my coffee this morning ??

Answer this simple question - WHY should ANY Institution be Tax Exempt when their (whatever) Handbooks Promote Illegal Activity??!! Please do not miss this moral, social, financial and political point. Absolutely nothing else is being said. The In God We Trust Protection Act (petition) puts the Religious Zealots in a check-mate - lose - lose financial and political situation. Right Wing Christian Zealots are on a prehistoric religious political platform that is an abominable sham for anyone purporting decent moral law abiding family values.

In God We Trust Protection Act (petition)

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