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Vigiling Against Two Wars begins today

Noon to 4 PM Saturday and Sunday Activists opposed to the War in Iraq and the War Against the Poor in Santa Cruz will be tabling in front of the Pacific Trading Company at Walnut and Pacific Avenues.
Vigil Against Two Wars
The War on the Poor The War Against Iraq

Saturday and Sunday August 28th and 29th
NOON to 4 PM
Walnut & Pacific
In front of the Pacific Trading Company

Getting Out the Message:
U.S. Out of Iraq NOW !
Stop Attacks on the Homeless !

Wake Up the Community
Share Music, Food, and Public Space !
Support the New York City Protests Against Bush‘s War !


Flyer by HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 309 Cedar PMB 14B S.C. 95060 831-423-4833 8-26-04
More info: & Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides:

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Re: Vigiling Against Two Wars begins today

We've been missing you downtown, robert. We were almost starting to actually be able to walk a block without retching.


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