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Metro Santa Cruz and Sam Farr

re: Re: NUZ: The Farr Side (8/18/04)
Dear Editor,

The Farr fluff piece so gratuitously engaged in by your NUZ reporter had this congressional candidate gagging. Since this was blatantly free political advertising given to an incumbent who has already spent over $400,000 in this campaign thus far, I eagerly await your profiles and interviews on the rest of the 17th District contenders, myself included. Until then, let's take a critical look at the self-serving comments afforded Mr. Farr. First, regarding the DNC, the most illustrative event would have to be Sam standing out in the rain unable to get in to Gavin Newsom's party[*]. This is a six-term Democrat power broker? Second, his favorable comment on Kerry's "hawkishness" is completely unacceptable to those like myself who have been asking Farr to call for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, only to be continually rebuffed. Kerry is pro-Iraq-occupation and so is Farr. Anyone who is against the Iraq War should also be against returning Farr to Washington. We're going to need to pressure Kerry on this issue and it's obvious Sam won't do it. Additionally, looking at his "steps to limit the number of U.S. military personnel in Colombia," what conveniently got omitted is that the amendment Sam offered on this issue was withdrawn by Sam himself who asked for (and got) unanimous consent in doing so. [**} And don't forget his past uncritical support for military weaponry to that country. And his vote for the 'Freedom to Read' amendment? Big deal. That's a progressive no-brainer, but it took an independent socialist, Rep. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, to even introduce this legislation. Republicans were able to defeat it while the Democrats were asleep at the switch. And Farr's recent vote to oppose allowing prescription drug imports is totally off the wall, even for Sam. [***] Thankfully, it cleared a House Subcommittee in spite of Farr's opposition. Sam was the only Democrat on the subcommittee to vote against the proposal. Unbelievable, but true. You can check out the rest of Farr's anti-progressive voting record at: Download it, read it, print it, distribute it and then elect a real progressive for the 17th District.

Joe Williams
Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for Congress - CA - 17th District
williamsforcongress (at)
1-866-385-9120 (phone/fax) [TOLL-FREE]

Newsom's the ticket
Dozens stood in the rain, waiting for partygoers to exit so they could enter.
Among them was Rep. Sam Farr of Monterey. He finally gave up, climbed in a cab and left.

Mr. FARR. Mr. Chairman, I ask unanimous consent to withdraw the amendment.
The CHAIRMAN. Is there objection to the request of the gentleman from California?
There was no objection.

Subcommittee OK's Appropriations Bill
Drug Import Bill Clears House Subpanel


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