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Critical Mass Radio Network: Freak Radio Santa Cruz segment audio link

Critical Mass Radio Network 1st National broadcast Freak Radio Santa Cruz segment hours 1 & 2 featuring Billionares fro Bush, Amy Goodman, FCC visit,Palestine News Network, Utah Phillips, David Rovics, Phil Free, Ryan Harvey, Lockheed Martin weapons inspection team,& various other FRSC programming.

Hour One: [ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]
Hour Two: [ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]
CMRN FRSC segment hour1 broadcast 08-27-04 LINK:
- CMRN INTRO mix - Enemy Combatant Radio CMRN mix
- FRSC Station ID Radio static mix - DJ Danielsan (airs "Self Defense 101" thurs 11pm PST on FRSC)
- CMRN FRSC INTRO - Skidmark Bob FRSC history rant blah blah blah music by People Like Us: Nobody does it better
- FRSC vs FCC mix - Skidmark Bob FCC visit may 13 2004 various samples used pirates of the internet, FCC agents,lotsa gunfire from war movies TOO MUCH FUN!! the same two agents from 10yrs ago!!
- Department of Corrections - GWO The D.O.C. secretly records George W Bush and other heads of state and runs them through a very intricate process in the secret labs to bring the real message of GW Bush and his cohorts the DOC secretly meets selected FRSC programmers under dark bridges to and secret locations to pass on the mixes for broadcast the DOC has several mixes available at truthfull translations page.
- Earth Mommer CMRN intro
- Corporate Swine Radio with Emily Hell(airs mon 10am-12PST) - Billionares for Bush interview with Felonias Axe on the B4B agenda and then out of character with Clifford Tasner about using comedy, music, satire and to communicate a political message and too lighten up the protests with parody, & music ending song B4B "Mini nukes" visit or
- Indymedia Newswire with Bradley (airs the Indy news wire every monday 1pm PST on FRSC) - DNC to RNC march interviews music by David Rovics: "ODD" and Against ME! "Reenventing Axle Rose" check out Download the entire 10min segment at also indynewswire archives
- CMRC midtro - Skidmark Bob background music People like us: Dolly Pardon
- Peace Talks with George(airs sunday 3-6pm PST) interview with Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now!" Amy & crew visited FRSC twice and has yet to air It! oh well shes a busy woman! George talks with Amy about Media responsibility & Activist burn out and how to cope ends with Peacetalks promo.
Peacetalks archives:

CMRN FRSC segment hour2 LINK:
- Skidmark CMRN mic break into to hour2
- PNN Palestine News Network headlines for 08-27-04
- The Great wall of Israel collage mix by Skidmark Bob/PoP dEFECT Radio(airs tue 2-3pm PST) samples form Kristen Ess(PNN) report and FRSC phone interview from Palestine on the Aparthied wall and demolition of homes to build wall, other samples include Pink Floyds another brick in the wall, unknown phone interview from Flashpoints with David Bernstein off KPFA
PDR archives:
- U Utah Phillips - Talkin NPR Blues(song)
- The Global Local with Agusto Cesar Sandino Segundo(airs mon 6-9pm PST) - Interview with Utah Phillips at Lawrence Livermore weapons lab protest 8-2004
- Pirate Radio mix - Audio mix taken from new film "Making Waves" by Micheal Lahey about pirate radio stations A MUST SEE!!!
- CMRN midtro by DJ Galixy and Red Mama a mother and 9yr old son radio show "Galixy hour" weds 3-5pm PST
- David Rovics - Pirate Radio Song / America will be the death of me LIVE in FRSC studios 96.3 era with George & Skidmark Bob
check out
- DJ Danielsan(airs "Self Defense 101" thurs 11pm PST on FRSC) - Locheed Martin citizen inspections team protest coverage Bonny Doon Califorina 10mi from Santa Cruz!! check out
- CMRN midtro Skidmark Bob
- Technical Difficulties radio (airs every sunday 8pm-12mid PST) - performs LIVE in studio! "Clatterbox" - Schooltime edit
- SUV LOVE mix - Skidmark Bob/PoP dEFECT Radio airs tuesdays 2pm PST
- The Lights are Dim - Edward Flynn(sent to FRSC) quotes by Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld, Insane and in charge of the largest army in the world
- FRSC Rockstar STA ID mix - Skidmark Bob featuring Jello Biafra, Radioactive, Ian McKaye(fugazi), Boots Reily(the coup), Emily(indigo girls), Michelle Schocked, Rev Billy (church of stop shopping), Tom Morello, Azeem, Fifteen, free speech radio news..more
- A Beautifull World with Phil Free(airs with & between the worlds Witch news tuesdays 11pm PST on FRSC) - Flowers of facisim LIVE on FRSC rants on downtown Santa Cruz beautification project.
- Ryan Harvey - I wont be a part of it
(this song due to tech diff got cut off OOPS! tried to edit as best i could after the fact i am sorry Arggh!!
- CMRN outros and final goodbyes with DOC GW terror mix into
- FRSC super skidmix - Skidmark Bob various samples used from corporate rock radio, Pump up the Volume, FRSC FCC interaction.

Free Radio Santa Cruz will continue to contribute to the Critical Mass Radio Network monthly broadcast the last friday of every month at or FRSC 101.1fm streaming live
FRSC needs donations to buy a new mixing board send checks payable to: Free(not freak) Radio Santa Cruz or FRSC mail to: Pob 7507 Santa Cruz Ca. 95061

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