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Are You A Peaceful Police Officer?

CODEPINK offers "Peaceful New York Police" buttons to the NYPD, complete with their own discounts.
In response to Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to offer discounts to protestors who remain peaceful and wear buttons to prove it, today CODEPINK asked the NYPD to do the same and even offered them their own discounts.

Earlier today, CODEPINK activists went into the precinct on 35th street to present the NYPD with buttons declaring “Peaceful New York Police? and, if they wear it, offering them discounts like 20% off at ABC Carpet and Home and 10% off any art work at the Axis Gallery. Any pin wearing police officer could also enjoy a 5% discount at Angelica’s Kitchen, _ off tickets to any performance at The Culture Project, and a 10% discount at the Angelika Film Center for any showing of “Uncovered: The War On Iraq.?

Adrea Buffa, one of the CODEPINK activists who was arrested for hanging a banner during Bloomberg’s press conference announcing the buttons for “peaceful protestors?, approached the woman at the counter and indicated that they wished to offer these buttons to the officers as an act of goodwill that would help to de-escalate rising tensions.

The first response was that they couldn’t wear “something like that? because it espouses a political view and that they are a neutral party. After explaining that it wasn’t a political position but a show of mutual respect – peaceful protestor, peaceful police – she then offered to leave some buttons and discount pins, saying the police didn’t have to use them if they didn’t want to. The response was that it would be considered “unlawful gratuity? and that they would not accept the buttons or the coupons.

CODEPINK will continue to raise awareness about the program and plan to find creative ways to encourage the NYPD to support a mutually respectful button-wearing commitment to non-violence.

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Re: Are You A Peaceful Police Officer?

The NYPD expects more substantial unlawful gratuities.

Re: Are You A Peaceful Police Officer?

True, they the NYPD blimp that has been flying around over NYC and sponsored by Fuji Film...

But, we have been getting some officers to accept the buttons, though they are not allowed to wear them.

Today, after an action at a "Pro-Life" lunch at the Tavern Green in Central Park, one female officer was happy to accept one.

Re: Are You A Peaceful Police Officer?

I was unlawfully arrested and detained for 16 hours against my will at the RNC. I'm being charged with resisting arrest-- and i saw no less than 20 cameras in my face as i was NOT resisting arrest during my detention. If anyone has any information as to whom i can contact to get video footage to prove my innocence would be greatly appreciated.

be careful about posting photos or sending them to anyone

From a post on

There are almost 2,000 people in jail. The system is overwhelmed.

Many of these prisoners will go to court. Some of these people have committed nonviolent acts of civil disobedience and will be prosecuted more severely than your average rapist.

Please don't make it more difficult for these folks. During the 2000 RNC during which only 480 people were detained/arrested and 420 faced charges, prosecution had to prove that the defendants were at the "scene of the crime". Without video or photo evidence, charges were often dropped.

During the trials resulting from Bush's inaguration, police successfully used photos pulled from indymedia to prosecute protesters.

Therefore, when you post your pictures (which are fantastic, by the way - keep them coming!), please smudge the faces of the people in them if they're doing civil disobedience. Just because the prison system thinks you should spend a year in jail for nonviolent protest, that doesn't mean we need to enable them and put good activists behind bars.


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