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The Freemarket Selection of 2004

The Board of Carlyle Group will make a selection in 2004, will you take there poll at the voting booths? Which machines will you vote in? Which company won the bid for the elections?
The philosophy of selling war in a free market economy.

The market is saturated .

I opened a restaurant. It is my duty to my workers to advertise, to build loyal customers, to sell food. The food must be appetizing, be necessary, must be sellable.

I opened a weapons manufacturing plant. It is my duty to advertise, to build loyal customers, to sell weapons. The weapons must be necessary, palatable, must be sellable. It must be seen as appetizing.

If profits decline we must work to build them up otherwise we might go under. It is my duty to my workers, to the people that we employ that jobs remain open.

Under capitalism we will never be free of war. We can not make laws to get rid of it, we can not fight wars to end wars, because weapons are not tools. Weapons are simply an advertisement, a corporation that needs profits, that needs wars. Without this market many government leaders would lose their major source of income. Hell, they would lose their government. Government is simply an abdication of personal responsibility to another. Governments that flourish under free market economy’s all have one thing in common. The trade and manufacturing of weapons.

It is not shocking that war has to have advertisers, that war needs humanitarian disguises. But war is simply profit. War is only a job. War has no ideology except class, caste, and death. War is built on the backs of the poor and only kills the poor. War is not Haiti or Guatemala, or Columbia. It is Lockheed Martin. It is Carlyle Group. It is Bush, it is Bin Laden, it is the rich laughing as they decimate the poor in undisguised attempts of contempt. War is not a party affiliated activity, war is not Government or lack thereof but war is the weapon manufactures themselves. It is those who profit when war takes place. It is those who build weapons to end war.

Maoists do not end war, republicans, democrats, communists, socialists do not end wars. Tax payers do not end wars. Wars are not inevitable. Wars are not solvable. Wars are simply an economic commodity much like sugar, gold, or diamonds.

As long as we toast to capitalism we will toast to the supply and demand of weapons. We will raise a glass to the heroes who designed the AK-47, to the Einstein’s who were “shocked? they were in a secret lab building nuclear bombs. As long as we commend the great works nostalgically of the great weapons being designed and released we will insure that capital is supplied and demanded.

This is the Capital of the Government. Governments have no other capital. They are the ones who own the guns, bombs, and release the death upon which the masses of the poor exhume themselves. There is no Washington DC. Fundamentally it is not a state. It is simply a wall street, an open market of bidding done by those who wish to have symbolic elections. Symbolic velvet gloves. A place were they can hold fancy dinners at the people’s expense as they create one advertising scheme after another. One more campaign to raise funds for one more weapons manufacture.

The people are exhausting. Though we petition them, and are most often, jailed by ourselves, killed by ourselves, exhumed on false egalitarian promises, and easily delude ourselves, we have become too many, and are now exhausting them too much. So the pretenses are slowly eroding. The Patriot Act already existed. It doesn’t need to be passed to be acted upon daily or to be upheld.

We do not have lawmakers who create laws, we have lawmakers who create advertisements for select companies. Promises of riches, equality, of free speech abound.

The board of directors elected their President in the year 2000. They elected to kill the stock market and let Washington regulate it. They now ask that you die not in effigy of government but in suicide mission to show loyalty to the fine corporations who now control you in capitalism. You have their logo’s on, your children work for them, are educated by them, are owned by them. Your families pay their wages, and these wages of death are greatly appreciated by them. They appreciate having the finest things available. They appreciate you. But they can not be bothered to attend your funerals when you die for their business ventures. You did what you were told. It is to be expected. You did not do anything extraordinary. You simply went to work. You built the product, were the product, were consumed by the products of death. There is no sorrow you have died. There is no remorse. It was simply a tool of capitalism, a part of economics and if you were too stupid to see it then why should I attend your funeral. I will exalt your death. It is commendable to look at how will our advertising campaign went.

American politicians, those great board of directors have elected their own leader. We did not have elections in 2000 but that is no reason to end the war machine or “buck the system.? It is nice that we have lives. We should be grateful that the system has not taken ours, we should be grateful that the corporations allow us illusions.

I was an Irish indentured servant but the indenturement never ended when the corporation followed us to Oregon. They simply made us equal slaves when they made the corporations have equal rights to me. The only non slaves in America---

So let us elect a new corporation in 2004. This time let Bechtel instead of Halliburton take office. Let it not be Haiti or Guatemala but let it be Nepal and Korea in 2004-2008. Let the elections be exciting. After all they are the build up to releasing the new product!!!

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