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A Poem for IMCs from Zack de La Rocha

I was handed this piece of paper from Zack on the streets of New York. I am posting this for him. It's a moving poem for all the tireless work done by volunteers for the Indymedia network.
To Indymedia centers around the world
Written 08/31/04 in NYC as police surround peaceful protesters in front of Fox News.

Eyes Upon The Eyes

You're the eyes upon the eyes
and upon the battons
that pound voices and bones
that erase memories of home

You're the eyes upon the eyes
in the days before the fall
you're the eyes upon the eyes
that are watching us all

To witness the barricades and
the wire they place around our hearts
your document is proof that
there is a fire in the dark

You're the eyes upon the eyes
in the days before the fall
and it's your eyes that stop
their lies from burying us all

Zack de La Rocha

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