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'Stop the U.S. war on women!'

Together we can stop the U.S. war on women!
Statement of WWP candidates
'Stop the U.S. war on women!'

On Aug. 28, we are marching for reproductive freedom and liberation for women. We believe: "Together we can stop the U.S. war on women!"

We are Leilani Dowell, Teresa Gutierrez, and John Parker, congressional, vice-presidential and presidential candidates respectively of Workers World Party--a revolutionary party that believes in a socialist future where women are not mere instruments of production--or of reproduction!

Two of us are lesbians. And the other has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with women for his entire political life.

We are also workers, people of color, supporters of the labor movement, anti-war and anti-imperialist activists.

We oppose the Bush administration's vicious assaults on women, limits on access to abortion and affordable birth control, censorship of sex education, both at home and abroad, and putting the profits of giant health and drug corporations above women's needs.

We condemn the attacks on the right of all women, including lesbian and bisexual women, to make their own decisions about their sexuality and to lead lives of dignity in their choices.

We deplore the social service cutbacks that eliminate the health care, housing, education, and child care that women need to survive and thrive with their families-while the Bush administration funnels billions of dollars into war.

And we oppose the fake reforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties, from Clinton's so-called Welfare Reform Act to Bush's No Child Left Behind Act. This is big-business policy masquerading as public policy, leaving women and their families behind in the dust of increasing poverty.

We oppose the intensifying U.S. military and economic war on the world for profits-war that has catastrophic effects on women. Kidnapped into the sex-trade industry, killed in small-arms crossfire and air strikes, driven off their land and out of their countries by brutal "free-trade" agreements, women and their children are bearing a disproportionate burden of this war internationally.

We can stop these outrages through an independent movement that draws on the power and leadership of women who now do a majority of the work of the world in their waged and unwaged work.

We can demand and win complete freedom of reproductive choice for women in the United States, and the economic supports to make those choices real. We can win a living wage for all women, universal health care, affordable housing and child care, and secure pensions in old age. We can stand up for women all around the world by ending racist and imperialist U.S. wars.

And we can work together toward a socialist future, where women's needs and lives will never be sacrificed to profit, where women can advance toward their full power as human beings.

Reprinted from the Sept. 2, 2004, issue of Workers World newspaper

If the U.S. presidential election were held today, who would you vote for? Vote at Liberation News:

[ ] Ralph Nader (Green Party)
[ ] David Cobb (Green Party)
[ ] Leonard Peltier (Peace and Freedom Party)
[ ] John Parker (Workers World Party)
[ ] John Kerry (Democrat Party)
[ ] George Bush (Republican Party)
[ ] Walt Brown (Socialist Party)
[ ] Roger Colero / Harris (Socialist Workers Party)
[ ] Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party)
[ ] Bill Van Euken (Socialist Equality Party)
[ ] Michael Peroutka (Constitution Party)
[ ] None of the above
[ ] I do not vote in bourgeois elections

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Re: 'Stop the U.S. war on women!'

In the United States, women's wages are falling. Men still earn $1 for every 75 cents a woman earns. Most of the unpaid work is done by women.

In a country in which most marriages end in divorce, women often get saddled with all the childcare and the support for their minor children while having less ability to earn wages than men.

Welfare is often the only option for a woman escaping domestic violence. The Bush administrations' "solution" to welfare is to have these same women get married or stay married.

This is a formula for beatings and death.

Republican and Democrats alike have been pushing for single women with children to get back into the workplace---even if it means low paid dead-end jobs while their care of their children, which is not considered work, takes a back seat.

The cheapest solution for the taxpayers is to have these single moms stay home with their kids. And for kids five and under, it is the best option. AS the old saying goes, you can't pay someone to do what a mother will do for free.

Ultimately, the Demos and the Republicans alike do not respect or value women's work ---keeping a house livable, shopping, cooking, laundry, gardening, and childcare. Instead, they see a large, docile, workforce for Walmart and Taco Bell which cannot quit or be fired or they will lose everything.


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