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the Philadelphia wireless example

Imagine having comparable capabilities of local, long distance, and cellular telephone service, cable TV, and broadband Internet access for a zero/month fee when many people currently spend a combined amount of $100/month, or more, for those services.
On August 25, 2004, John Street, the Mayor of Philadelphia, announced the formation of a Wireless Philadelphia Executive Committee to explore the opportunity for Philadelphia to become the first large city in the United States to provide citywide wireless Internet access.

City officials believe that $10 million will pay for the 135 square mile network, and another $1.5 million per year will maintain it. By mounting the equipment on street light poles, the service could be provided to all residents of Philadelphia, pre-paid by their taxes, just like street lights.

Services like this are already being provided on a smaller scale in other locations. Users are able to access video that is stored on the Internet, and to carry on conversations with Voice over the Internet technology.

It is likely that such a network would have an effect on:
* education
* employment
* entertainment
* empowerment.

Mayor Street is scheduled to receive a plan from the Wireless Philadelphia Executive Committee in late November. I'm planning on keeping an eye on this.
John Kintree
citizen of planet Earth

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