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Racism Against White Men Ignored

Media outlets have had plenty of time since last spring (March) to recognize and make known the obvious "reverse racism" against white males as created in the incident of alleging hate crimes by Kerrl Dunn on a California campus.
Main stream corporate news companies, as well as alternative media outlets, have had plenty of time since last spring (March) to recognize and make known the obvious "reverse racism" against white males as created in the incident of alleging hate crimes by Kerrl Dunn on a California campus.

She charged that her car was attacked by vandals painting hate messages on it at a southern Californian campus (Claremont McKenna College located a few miles east of Los Angeles). Her allegations about "racists" turned out to be fraudulent. She reported that her car windows had been broken, the tires slashed, and a "swastika" as well as the words "Nigger Lover" and "Kike Whore" had been painted on the doors and hood. Yet it turned out from witnesses that she did these things to her own car.

Yet despite her personal conviction of fraud "no" broader perspective of reverse racism and sexism has been mentioned by anyone in the media or on U.S. campuses (which is pretty much 100% usual for American media and academia). Apparently people who work in these professional organizations only see and report racism what "white" people do to others as racism. As far as these numerous entities (how many newspapers and campuses are there in this country?) they are concerned, revealed by their lack of actions, only white people are racist people.

I'm not trying to point the finger and anathematize this woman. She has had enough infamy for a while at least. Yet in spite of the fact (as it turned out) that this college psychology professor vandalized her own car so as to make these accusations, (that her car was vandalized) who was it that she was in essence blaming? Guess. "White supremacists" OF COURSE. And naturally they were men (would women paint "nigger lover?" and mean it?)

Yet the obvious never got stated anywhere—REVERSE RACISM against white men which is in itself reverse racism by the media and college campuses (as usual). Many of these finger pointers are so trigger happy to see white men as the perpetrators. This complete obtuseness from recognizing and admitting that reverse racism happens often enough in this country (both the subtle and not so subtle) and has existed for a long time (and newspapers and campuses are full of enough of reverse racists (which is why they don't recognize the obvious)).

Wasn't it in fact who were suppose to be the suspects--skin head white males who painted swastikas, calling her a kike whore, and nigger lover, and perhaps thought to be condoned by other white male like even some white collar types working males across the nation. Meanwhile she lectures on “racism?? in the U.S. How passionate! But projecting your own stuff onto others is not unusual for the human psyche and this is especially true for psychology majors and some American feminists.

The point is that this is not an isolated case--it is just an extreme case acted out. It is not that unusual for some white women to see white men as the bane of society. In fact plenty of college campuses are motivated to teach just that. Presume Ms. Kerrl acted as an idiot of proportions, and she has now obviously been humiliated and found out, but the greater issue of our this broader society was completely ignored--and this is the real culpability!! (especially for a profession known as journalists who think they are so f. intelligent and aware, and yet who pack in women in their organizations so they too can take a crack at the status quo they think is too white male in nature). In fact many support jobs in newspaper companies require high typing speed skills so as to discriminate against men (and who is it that dominates the personnel department of most organizations--women).

Save, say a very few occasional stories, like one Associated Press story on some other hate crime hoaxes happening across the country (undoubtedly meant equally to be perceived as perpetuated by white males). But no one seems top want to talk about how come Americans are especially prone to think that “racism? is something white people (especially white men) are prone.

Whereas (according to the dearth of honesty in this country) the rainbow coalition (including white women) seldom suspects racism against white men (which allows these feelings to reside and persist in closet format. Reverse racists as they never are confronted about their own self-honesty. Perhaps if they were Ms. Dunn would have been more self-aware that she was not confronting her own hatreds? And this is the point--how many women and minority have come to terms with projecting their stuff onto others? Rather they usually get away with it like spoiled children.

Here we have a "white woman" trying to create the impression of racism instigated by "white men," and then the college takes a day off to protest these presumptions, while newspapers show photographs of who--"white women" protesting against racism supposedly perpetrated by "white men." Meanwhile we are again suppose to believe that white women never "project" their own racism and sexism onto others? Nobody really knew what quite to think--just taken aback.

For example for years one could walk into a used book store, and while stumbling over the section labeled “Racism,? close to other sociology books, EVERY book on the subject was ultimately about “white? people’s racism (and never had anyone even thought that: "Hey, maybe--just maybe—even like one of two percent of the time--the racism was directed "at" white people and white men--but No. This could not fit people's preconceptions and desire to blame and scapegoat.

Of late (finally after so many years of so much self righteous scape-goating of everything white and male on America's campuses) a few books seemed to have come on the scene that say—you too Brutus! But apparently some of these supposedly "liberal" minds, were still too eager to point their fingers in only one direction, and just could not confront their own selfish and self-serving attitudes. It is not like white women as a group had it worst in the world compared to all other peoples and nations and yet did we never stop hearing about how f. bad it was to be a woman in America?

In fact over the decades the very word "racism" became a synonym as characteristic of what "white people" do and are possessed. Racism came to be known in most minds as the “white people’s" disease—especially that of white male's. Even many white women (who to this day seem aloof and preoccupied with their own prejudices against men)) could not acknowledged any reverse hatred of men, (especially that of white men as they projected by their "White Male Supremacists" epithet everywhere (including newspapers).

This is to assert that somehow plenty of white women felt they were far less racist (of course men of other races always liked white women and were prone to provide attention) than their white male counterparts. Apparently the myth that AngloSaxons invented everything evil about human nature is now considered fact? And while on the subject did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps those who do act our racism against minorities deep down feel people are really prejudice toward them? For example have you ever watched an attractive white women flaunt her physical affection to a black man in the presence of white men? Have you ever notices that some white women enjoy trying to get white men to feel rejected in a sadistic mode in which one takes delight in hurting others because they have not learned to respect people as equals? How about the blond woman while sitting on a Trolley deliberately rubs the length of a black man's fingers while he is holding his hands in his lap (simulating the rubbing of his penis) while she moves her eyes around to see how other men in plain view react? The issue was never the size of "her" genitals or that she could not unfreeze her heart, so she succumbs to the sexism of playing "reverse racism" thinking men dare not call Miss Blondie on her games (after all she is "gift" to all mankind and she sometimes likes to rub it in).

While the word "misogyny" (hatred of women) became a BIG part of the feminist vocabulary and mindset over the decades seldom can one even find the word "misandry" (hatred of men) in a modern dictionary (meaning the phenomenon is not openly acknowledged in our society despite hundreds of books and thousands of articles written about sexism and exploitation). I have red ink under the word "mysandry" in Microsoft Word because it is not recognized.

Imagine yourself born a white male in the United States in the 20th century. First off many Native Americans hold a grudge against you because they say “you? (meaning your ancestors of which you benefit) stole their land and performed numerous atrocities against their people. Naturally they can not blame the actually people who committed these crimes but who is it they harbor animosity today? Guess—it can not be that hard to figure. Yes they hold a grudge against white men living today. This is equally true for Mexicans. Are we never to think that "zero" Mexicans or Hispanics harbor hatred of white people (and especially white men) for stealing their land and for becoming rich capitalists (as if we all are wealthy) and who supposedly do not care about human values but only money and greed? Do we think that there is no reverse racism in this land from the South?

What about blacks? Do we really expect the world to not recognize the reverse racism against white people from some blacks (or Afro-Americans if the word itself seems tainted) because of what happen with slavery and its aftermath? Personally as a white male born in the 60's, I never stole any land from anybody (nor do I own any and will not likely). I never made anybody a slave. But whose "skin" color and "gender" takes the blame today for what some other people did at other times? A white male today is regarded as everybody’s enemy. This is equivalent to having "all" Americans who own gas-alcoholic cars think that only oil company executives who are greedy and spoiled. Don't we ever suspect that greed is something especially the weakness of white men? And of course any one who has ever invested and profited from a major corporation must be a white male! White women per se have no wealth! To be born a white male in America is to be born of original sin.

Meanwhile many white women seem to be more social (that is they seem to hold less resentment against men of other races and ethnicities) with men of other races and nationalities than that of their own. Unless a white male is perceived to have acquired some financial status or the appearance of future expectation she doesn't have any desire to associate with him (which then the so called exploitation of others is OK if one can personally benefit from association). He is a looser as far as she is concerned because she never stopped treating him like a success object--it was just that he was suppose to not treat her like a sex object (the power she retains while demanding all other levels of power). Naturally she can not look a white male in the eye and think "we are equal" because she knows she has more power and prestige. This is about being on a pedestal baby--this is about legally spoiled. She ain't spending her money on you unless you are a good investment. Personality does not mean much to most. Look at it like this: Ask yourself "How many men would discriminate against dating a good looking women if she did not own a car?" The fact is that many men would be happy to drive over and pick her up. Now ask the reverse. would as many women do the same--why?

Yet these issues never came up in public discourse. Rather it was just male backlash. Just unjustified resentment about loosing ground. It had nothing to do with the long seated hatred of men that was never addressed all these many years. There has never been any stereotyping of us was there?

I mean it is not like any of us white men have any individuality? It is not like we are prejudged in other people's minds? Why make any effort to relate to us as mere humans when you can demonized us as less than? No we are not stereotyped—not in the least! Yet somehow we seem to be everybody's problem--that is our white skin. Do people ever presume anything about us (as habit, emotionality, thinking processes, expressivity, capacity for originality or uniqueness). Yes actually they do. To some we are like cardboard caricatures readily available to blame as so many manikins in a store display— plastic, sterile and shallow. No we are not like the rainbow coalition to have any "real" soul (especially us of Anglo-Saxon decent). How could we possibly be as "deep" or deeper than all others American Jews included)?

According to a news posting LA VOZ DE AZTLAN story, Professor at Claremont McKenna College Found Guilty of Staging Anti-semitic Hate Crime published: August 18, 2004:

"It did not take long for the Jewish faculty, lesbian and homosexual students, and the student organization Hillel of B'nai B'rith to capitalize on the incident and demand concessions from the college administration. Hillel representative Chankin-Gould said that the attack came as no surprise. He linked the incident to growing anti-Semitism worldwide. The campus was closed for an entire day in order to, in the words of College President Pamela Gann, " . . . provide time and opportunity for our students and faculty to reflect on the meaning and significance of this horrible hate crime." … She was taking Jewish indoctrination classes at the time of the incident with a rabbi and the hoax may have been a mandatory initiation rite. … Anti-semitic hate crime hoaxes are on the rise worldwide. Another occurred in France just last month when police announced the arrest of a woman who alleged that she was the victim of a horrific anti-Jewish assault on a Paris train. … The rise in phony anti-semitic hate crime hoaxes occurs whenever gentiles start getting smart … The "hate crimes" are used to instill guilt on gentiles and to scare their own community into giving money to the Zionist leaders and to organizations such as the JDL, ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center." (end of quote).

Irrespective of whether this was part of larger conspiracy or whether she is a twisted person, the fact remains that this woman clearly set up to make another group of people scapegoats. And this scapegoating of white men has gone on for years while many others have been loath to address this taboo subject of reverse racism and sexism.

Equally it is not like Jews throughout history have never had a superiority complex over people of other cultures? It is not like they have never looked down on people as inferior? Some must especially be in a bind in America where in fact people are inferior and ignorant? Hell why not exploit whatever reverse racism exists?

Likely if you would study years of indexing in any “major? newspaper library and compare the stories on racism covered against minorities versus against whites you would likely be shocked by the almost zero coverage of hatred reported to be directed at white people (as of it was non-existent). It may be small in behavior but it is not small in attitude. You don’t believe it? Well consider Hollywood's movies. There have been "many" movies with racism as a theme or a major story line—yet how many of those movies have been about racism against white people or white men in particular? I bet you can not think of one movie (I can’t). Granted people did not go out lynching whites but there are a lot of subtle ways to express preconceived hatred and alienation.

On the slightest suspicion a white person (especially a male) will be accused of racism, but even when obvious racism against white men is perpetrated it is almost never openly acknowledged (or even quietly contemplated). Perhaps it is because men are not especially considered human anyway. I mean it is not like we males are "presumed" to be inferior in areas of social, political, and moral awareness?

And why is it that you seldom read these two words composed in juxtaposition: “black racism? or "hispanic racism?" Why is it with all the protests and marches across America regarding racism, over the years, they were all seemingly directed at white racism (even if not explicitly stated--people still hold some image of a racist don't they)? Is it not true that many assume a white police officer to be more racist than a black one or a women officer? The fact is that people do not even have to qualify their use of the word "racism" with any adjective--most in America pretty much presumes to know who are the bad guys. "White? is thought inherently part of the noun.

Now that the Dunn deal is up and over it was treated has an "isolated" event soon to die in the sands of time. She got her 15 minutes of noteriety but the country at large never gets around to discussing what was in fact more common than what anybody ever wants to acknowledge—hatred of white men (including the hatred of white men by white women). This issue has always been left underground as denied. So some women continue to act in their seemingly aloof frigidity finding it difficult to presume any innocence on the part of men or having any ability to forgive others or themselves for all the exaggerations they bought into while in college. Forever they live in resentment--one long hell of this society in its silent chill.

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