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List of the Real Military Heroes of the Iraq war, those who Resist

A website posts a comprehensive list of those men and women who have publicly refused illegal orders to prosecute this illegal, immoral war in Iraq.
A web page dedicated to those U.S. military people who have at one point refused orders to this war in Iraq. You may see it: here
. It includes a short summary of each case of every publicly known resister, with links to their websites, if available. It was the least that one could do for those who courageously refused illegal, immoral orders.

I have not seen another page on the web that lists all these people together. Forward this web link to all.

An attempt was made to list all who refused to serve in this war, and the list includes 6 such individuals. Hundreds more have done so quietly. We can expect this list of public resisters to grow exponentially as Kerry or Bush, if as can be expected, expands the war next year, and possibly reintroduces the draft.

What we need is great public effort, with the general public as strong as these refusers, to stop the U.S. government from expanding the war, and to force the U.S. to pull its troops out of Iraq.

In resistance,

Tom Joad

Our apologies good friends
for the fracture of good order...
….the soldiers who kill and die
for the wrong reasons for no reason at all
because they were so ordered by the authorities
of that public order which is in effect
a massive institutionalized disorder
We say: Killing is disorder
life and gentleness and community and unselfishness
is the only order we recognize

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Re: List of the Real Military Heroes of the Iraq war, those who Resist

anyone who refuses to fight for his country while in uniform should be put in front of a firing squad in shot for being the coward that he is.

Re: List of the Real Military Heroes of the Iraq war, those who Resist

cowardice is staying behind your gun and shooting innocent civilians.. cowardice is not standing up to your corrupt government.. cowardice is acting without spirit, doing what your told, even when you're being told to kill and be killed for the sake of oil profits

it takes courage to disobey

one should only fight for their country when the ideals of the governing party are aligned with your own.. particularly when the fight in question, is an invasion


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