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Tibetans gaining voice with photo exhibits

Tibetans are gaining a new voice with their won photos, exhibits and a soon to be released DVD
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Event: The Tibetan Photo Project Exhibit: Not From The Western Eye & Rare B&W photos from 1932
Where: Antioch University • 801 Garden Street • Santa Barbara
When: Opening reception, Friday Sept. 17, 5-7 p.m. • Show runs through Dec. 17
When: The Tibetan Photo Project Exhibit
Where: The Meadows Museum, Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana
When: Opens Feb. 27 and runs through May, 2005
Email: Joe Mickey tibetanphotoproject (at)

The Tibetan Photo Project offers the first collection of photos taken by Tibetans living in exile, images of the Dalai Lama, informational texts and rare 1932 pictures of Tibet.

These images of life in exile in India are creating a voice from the Tibetans.

The enclosed disc includes a wide variety of beautiful high resolution images and complete feature texts, an op-ed and they can be used as background information.

Event dates / location are not on the disc. Please use this cover letter or the disc cover.

On line, visit

The power of one frame of film

Working from an isolated coastal town of 5000 in northern California, the combined circulation of publications that have told some portion of Tibet’s tragedy through the Tibetan Photo Project is over 20 million.

• Linked by Harvard Asia Center for the Dalai Lama's 2003 visit.•
•Linked by Africa & Asia studies, University of London•
•Linked by the University of Virginia•

•National media reviews on the Tibetan Photo Project
-Parade Magazine
Seen by 16 million readers, resulting in 40,000 hits to

“Their work precisely captures with insight and enthusiasm the life of exiled Tibetans.?
-Bobbie Liegh, Art & Antiques Magazine

•Regional Reviews
"Audiences leave seeing China's treatment of Tibet as a microcosm of how the communist country deals with the world." -The Slice, Colorado Springs

"Tibetan Photo Project is a magic view into a world no Westerner has seen. These unique photographs were created by Tibetan Monks themselves and give voice to their story and culture."
-Scribe, UCCS student newspaper

"Insightful...touching." -GO!

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Re: Tibetans gaining voice with photo exhibits

Here is what they had to say at Colorado College in Colorado Springs


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