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GLBT Boycott for Equality - October 8th

Gays And Lesbians To Withhold $1.4 Billion From U.S. Economy During October Boycott
The U.S. lesbian and gay population spends an average of $1.4
billion each day, totaling $500 billion a year, and Boycott For
is organizing a one-day nationwide economic "walkout" on October 8,
to make that point clear. The one-day event is designed to highlight
contribution that lesbians and gays make to the domestic economy and
base; at the same time they are denied the full legal protections and
civil liberties afforded heterosexual Americans. "We want to remind
those in our nation who don't always see the impact of our community in
terms of dollars and cents that we do have real market power," said
Boycott for Equality co-founder Dale Duncan. "We were inspired by Don't
Amend founder Robin Tyler's famous quip, `If being gay is a disease,
let's all call in sick to work' and decided to put those words into
action." Up to 27 million Americans identify as being primarily lesbian
or gay, yet no Federal law provides protection from discrimination in
the workplace and many State and Federal laws prohibit access to the
rights and responsibilities of marriage. Boycott For Equality is an
Atlanta-based non-profit formed to promote the boycott, scheduled this
year for October 8. For that day, GLBT Americans and their straight
allies are encouraged to withdraw from the economy in three specific
areas: Do not purchase anything. Do not generate sales tax or business
revenue. Don't work. Take the day off - do not generate payroll taxes,
income taxes or add to the economy. Do not use cell phones. Dropping
of the communication network is a way to measure the impact of your
presence, says the event sponsor.

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Re: GLBT Boycott for Equality - October 8th

i have attempted to involve and help as an advertising agency-but am usually given excuses-outwardlly due to pseudo hermaprodite from birth-turner's mosaic, i appear like a ts-when trying to be straight i married as female-no suregry, but local tg's seem to e hostile especialy tg who claim to be intersexual but info they give is medicaly inconsistant-so im thought of as fake also- only few lesbians whichi am hooked up with in my lifetime, im insulted oftenbeled tg falsely when lesbian with vagina but not perfect in appearence-im not beutiful nor dress like ts, when i have put on make up etc. i seem to more ok in community-but i am what i am the full artice on turners's mosaicism gives rough idea im only in height/etc my brain born lesbian- so if u want help but are looking for "invisible" queers-if its acceptable i wil be happy to do what you need-diane


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