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Bruce Gagnon Question and Answers

The Q&A session from after Bruce's main talk.
This is the Q&A session from after the main talk Bruce Gagnon gave at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz on Thursday 9-16-04. Some of the people asking questions came out a bit quiet and I tried to amplify thier questions as best I could, but just in case some aren't clear, here they are in order:
-Who in congress votes against this military budget?
-What are the medical consequences of nuclear power in space?
-Whom in the governmental and private sector are involved in this quest to conquer space? How can we find out about them. (Personal note: Go to Plenty of info there on corporate piggies!!)
-What about the Universities role in researching the technology used for these space programs? How can we reach out to students in the natural and physical sciences?
-A question about the effects of concentrated microwave radiation in weapons.
-Is there any value in term limits for politicians?
-What can be done to educate people about the medias role in this process?

Bruce Gagnon Q and A FINAL.mp3 (8192 k)

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Please enjoy the Q&A and send any and all comments to the FRSC voicemail 831 427 4523.
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For Free Radio Santa Cruz, this is Augusto Cesar Sandino Segundo...
PEACE (On earth and in space!)

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