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Change U.S. nuclear policy. Online tools.

I am writing to personally encourage users to send a message to the leadership in Washington that it is time to chart a new course for US nuclear policy using our online advocacy tools available through the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Turn the Tide Campaign. The goals of the Campaign are to educate the public and promote advocacy of US nuclear policies that will provide security for the US and the world.

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I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to sign up for our Action Alert Network. It's easy to sign up and the system will remember you when you return to take future actions, just click here. You will receive an average of one email message per week alerting you to a timely issue that needs your attention. Whether the alert concerns a bill before Congress, an upcoming international meeting, or other opportunities to support movement towards a far safer and more secure world, the few seconds of your time that it takes to participate in the action will make a difference.

Here are just a few of the areas of concern on which we are currently concentrating:

1) Asking the President to Sign a Verifiable Treaty Banning the Production of Bomb-Grade Materials
2) Keeping Funds for New Nuclear Weapons out of 2005 Appropriations Bills
3) Taking Action to Halt National Missile Defense

With the Presidential election in full swing, the Turn the Tide Campaign is both unique and timely. We need your support to make it a success. Please help us spread the word by encouraging your friends and family to also sign up for the Turn the Tide Campaign. This is our chance to boldly and decisively move America’s nuclear policies in a positive new direction and we must seize this opportunity. If you haven’t already, I encourage you check out our analysis of the Presidential Candidates' Stances on US Nuclear Policy before you cast your ballot this year.

Sincerely, Forrest Wilder
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
PMB 121, 1187 Coast Village Rd., Suite 1
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Tel: (805) 965-3443

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