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Critical Mass In Relation to Law Enforcement

Critical Mass In Santa Cruz
I was recently arrested during the RNC at the critical mass and cannot afford to be arrested again anytime soon. I've never been on a santa cruz critical mass ride but I am planning on going tomorrow night. I was just wondering how the law enforcement in santa cruz deals with critical mass(many arrests?). Thanks for reading.

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Re: Critical Mass In Relation to Law Enforcement

Me thinks that maybe you should just lay off from doing things that'll get you arrested for a while.

Re: Critical Mass In Relation to Law Enforcement

In my experience, SCPD is generally pretty hands-off about Critical Mass in Santa Cruz city limits, although they do typically video-tape the ride. Once you get out of city limits, the County Sheriffs and CHP have jurisdiction. The CHP, in particular, is rather intolerant. City limits, if you're not familiar, is at Arana Gulch / 7th Ave on the East side.

Personally, i don't plan to join the ride, but don't let me dissuade you. If it manages to break 10mph and all 15 riders actually manage to keep themselves to one lane on Mission St instead of pissing off drivers just for the sake of it, and if the ride is actually FUN and not just an excuse to "revel" in angst, post a report and maybe i'll come next time--hell i'll even help organize.

BTW, the arrest from four years ago wasn't in SC, it was at the DNC in Los Angeles. LA County and the LAPD together just finished paying a settlement in the amount of $15,000 to each of the seventy-odd cyclists (more like $50,000 for the women). Hopefully things work out as well for your case against the NYPD (if there is one). You may not be able to afford to get arrested again, but you might be able to afford to support your local frame-builder by buying a nice new custom bike frame (shameless plug here for Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster and Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles). You'll just have to wait 4 years.

In the meantime, ride hard and stay safe.


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