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are YOU the KKKutest of the Castro?

What: Join Gay Shame for a late entry into the Cutest of the Castro beauty pageant

When: Sunday Oct. 3rd 2:30 pm

Where: Meet at the special strategically located Gay Shame convergence center:18th St. between Castro and Hartford

Dress to absolute, terrifying, ragged, devastating excess and bring...
Blackened teeth, low-carb Iraqi crude (looks good, feels better), video head cleaner, botox damage, extreme collagen makeovers, creatine muscle madness, tina, Kimberly's coke, diamonds anything camouflage, the now-legal AK 47, blood (just in case the police or pride monitors aren't present), decaf Greay Goose appletinis, more diamonds Tiffany's wedding bands, liposuction leftovers, photo-facial blush, sweatshop swimsuit coture (for the talent segment), depth, inner beauty and charm.

GAY SHAME is a virus in the system. We are committed to a queer extravaganza that brings direct action to astounding levels of theatricality. We will not be satisfied with a commercialized gay identity that denies the intrinsic links between queer struggle and challenging power. We seek nothing less than a new queer activism that foregrounds race, class, gender and sexuality, to counter the self-serving values of gay consumerism and the increasingly hypocritical left. We are dedicated to fighting the rabid assimilationist monster with a devastating mobilization of queer brilliance. Gay Shame is a celebration of resistance: all are welcome.

open meetings EVERY saturday at 5:30 pm
in the back room of Modern TImes books
Valencia and 20th San Francisco

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Re: are YOU the KKKutest of the Castro?

I opened this article thinking it was a tongue in cheek indictment of the KKK. hmmm..but it's serious.
I respecfully suggest that you watch your acronyms.

Re: are YOU the KKKutest of the Castro?

This sounds like a scream! I know one 56 yr old Carman Miranda look-a-like/ex-Navy sailor who will be there. You goooo girls (or whatever!)!


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