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UGSOA - Videos of Beheadings: Slaughter by Terrorists

See the latest beheadings by the terrorists in Iraq.These videos are in their entirety to show the world the vile and despicable nature of the terrorists and the evil they purvey.
These videos are unavailable through major media outlets or otherwise sanitized through selective reporting.

WARNING: The video links on this page contain exceptionally violent and barbaric content. By downloading the videos, you are affirming that you are over 18 years of age, and viewing the videos with full knowledge of its violent content.

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Re: UGSOA - Videos of Beheadings: Slaughter by Terrorists

I just viewed the video of the beheading of Jack Hensley which was especially hard to watch since I had seen the interviews with his wife, brother, and seen videos of his young daughter. The clip is incredibly violent and bloody.

Israel has many videos of the aftermath of suicide bombings which are bloody and shocking, but they, as a matter of policy do not air them out of respect for the family members.

I wonder how the leftists in Santa Cruz can continually turn a blind eye to the violence committed by their chosen pet "oppressed" people---the Palestinians.

while this clip was done by Iraqi terrorists, they are moved to do what they do by their Islamic teachings. These same Islamic teachings allow for men to beat their wives, honor killings, suicide bombings, the murder of children and dismemberment of their bodies, public lynchings, and a flood of lies and misinformation accusing the Israelis of everything including having engineered the Nazi holocaust of the Jews.

I can't wait to hear the leftists of Santa Cruz justify these beheadings as reasonable given the US invasion/occupation of Iraq. I can hear them already with their "what else can they do?"

Re: UGSOA - Videos of Beheadings: Slaughter by Terrorists

"...Iraqi terrorists, they are moved to do what they do by their Islamic teachings...."

no becky, they are moved by a desire to rid themselves of the US military, and the multinational war profiteering corporations who have come into their country. Notice how the hostages are westerners, or employees of a foriegn company looking to make money in Iraq??? I'd bet good $$ that if the US military withdrew completely, and all the war profiteers left, the beheadings and suicide bombers, and other resistance, will stop. How is it any different when a Fallujah resident is beheaded by shrapnel from a US missile? Or gunned down at a checkpoint because they don't speak English? And don't tell me these are tragic, isolated events. There certainly is a "slaughter by terrorists" happening in Iraq.

If an invading army bombed Santa Cruz, indiscrimantely killing civilians, implemented curfews, put up checkpoints, did house to house searches, rounded up the 18-35 y/o men and put them in Santa Cruz County Jail, and all you had was a rusty knife. What would YOU do?


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